Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012

What a great year!!!
I am really glad I started my blog this year.
It has been a lot of fun.
I have met a lot of great people through my blog already!
I am still very new to blogging
and I am excited to see where my little blog goes!

Here are some of my favorite DIY blog posts of 2012

And lastly the ending of 2012 also ends my daily photo journal.
If you’re looking into doing a personal challenge in 2013,
I would recommend this!!!

Happy, Happy Happy (in my best Duck Dynasty Impersonation)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

What goes up once Christmas comes down???

Well I was not sure this year.   
Yesterday Christmas came down and the house was BARE!
I lived with it for less than 24 hours 
and this morning I lay in bed thinking of what to make. 
Then it hit me. 
Use my new toy and make something new.
This is what I made. 
I use my new shearers to cut out stars out of old rusty tin in the barn. 
I used 2 types of tin.
I free-handed some stars on the back using a dry erase marker. 
Then cut away! 
It took a little to get use to using the new tool but once I did I was hooked! 
It’s pretty quick since I’m not going for a perfect look.  
 I don’t mind the over-cuts and imperfections. 
I want to take some of the better looking stars out and shoot some holes in them!  :)
And I’m going to get some muriatic acid to experiment with! 
Oh the Possibilities!!!!
I'm sure you will see much more on my blog utilizing my shearer :)

Get your very own personalized wall hanging
using (of course) my new shearer

Friday, December 28, 2012

My new toy and a *GIVEAWAY*

I have a Facebook page for my blog.
If you haven’t checked it out yet, You should!  :)
I had been planning on giving a prize to my 200th like. 
I did not tell anyone!!!!!
Guess who it was???
MY MOM!!!!
I promise it was not rigged.
But more importantly,
how did MY MOM let 199 people ‘like’ my page before her????
Anyway, she won and I made her a prize.
This personalized sign…
It’s made out of galvanized corrugated tin, an old shingle, and a little ripped fabric.

For Christmas the hubs gave me a new DeWalt drill (DC720) 
and a tin shearer attachment (Malco TSHD).
It makes cutting tin super easy!  I have a ton of ideas!!!!  I can’t wait to use it more!

Ok would you like to win one of these personalized signs????
If so, all you need to do is comment below.
The drawing will be on New Years Day at NOON!!!! 
Winner announced in here and on my FB Page

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Card Display

Where do you keep your Christmas cards? 
I feel Christmas cards should be on display!!!!
Not in a pile!
(although I think in a pretty bowl on the coffee table would be pretty but not an option for us, I explain later)

Last year I put mine on a small tree in my kitchen. 
But last year my youngest cowgirl was only 3 months old. 
This year at one year old she is in EVERYTHING!!!
I mean everything!!!!
I tried to put the cards on the tree but she just took them off.
She carried them around the house, 
crumpled them up, and tried to throw them in the toilet. 
Which is where everything goes these days. 
Needless to say our bathroom door stays shut at all times. 
Today she followed me in as I was doing my hair and she lifted to lid to throw a book in…Uggg
Anyway……Back to Christmas cards.
SO I needed to find a new spot OUT of her reach. 
I found it. 
On the ugly bifold doors that hide my laundry closet. 
It was such a simple project. 
I just grabbed some left over ribbon and cut it to my desired length.
Then used a thumb tack to hold it in place on the back.
(You could use a staple gun or a good tape)
Then I used clothes pins to hold the cards. 

 Where are yours???

Christmas Cards

Did you send out Christmas cards this year?
WE did.  We do every year. 
But this year I almost skipped it.
I wrote up a Christmas letter. 
It was almost a full page and really creative and cute (I thought). 
But I wanted to add a picture to fill up some empty spots. 
I didn’t care for the photo and went to delete it and for some reason I closed out! 
Oh sheesh…I was upset and pouted for a few days (maybe longer)
and told the hubs he was to write it.
Well that didn’t happen (shocker).

So earlier this week I sat down and wrote up a new Christmas letter. 
It was not a really letter just a top 12 of 2012.
Creative, I thought.
I printed them out, stuffed them, sealed them, and hand addressed them.
(because my computer crashed this past year)
I was ready to head to the post office and as I sat there I looked down at my “letter”.
I had to walk away…....
I really wanted to throw them away and be done!
But I really liked our photo this year...Seriously that was what held me back! :)
After a nice fatty lunch and some talking with my level headed hubs
I RE-printed, opened up every envelope, and RE-stuffed them with the correct spelling!

This is our card this year….

This is the “letter”