Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Decorations: Kitchen

I don't stop my Christmas Decorating in the Living Room.  
I also decorate my kitchen.  
Here are a few pictures it...
Isn't it strange that the sink is not centers under the window?  
Oh well It gives me a cute corner to decorate!  :)
I love this wooden  nativity set.
It was my moms.
I always loved it growing up and last year she gave it to me!
I decorator above my cabinets.
I don't change much, I just add greenery and red bulbs. 
This is the perfect place to use the broken greenery pieces 
or the small ones that you just throw back in your totes.  
Those small pieces work great for sticking in between your existing decorations.
 My middle name is Joy.  I have Joy Christmas decor ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!!!!
On top of the fridge.
 And my computer Desk.  
Yes it is in the kitchen!  :)
I told you it's a small cozy house.
It is actually nice having my "office" in the kitchen.  
It is right between the living and family room.  
So I'm not off alone in a room.  
I still get to be with the family even if I'm on the computer.
And honestly as a mom your always making a meal, 
making a snack, or filling a sippy anyway.
This way it close by the action!  :)

 So what do you think?
Did you notice my turquoise(ish) walls?
What do you think of them?
Is your Kitchen decorated for Christmas?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Everyday cowgirl: Kristin Wohlfarth

I couldn’t be more excited to have this young lady kick off my new feature 
“everyday cowgirl”.
She truly is an everyday cowgirl.
She may not saddle up and work cattle on a daily basis 
but she has a true cowgirl spirit!!!!
Have you ever heard of the Fort Western Stores?
If not you need to check them out NOW!
They are known for their great selection and reasonable prices.
They carry everything from the tradition cowboy attire to 
fashion forward statement pieces.
They also carry a wide variety of home decor, gifts and tack supplies.
Pretty much everything that has to do with the western lifestyle can be found at The Fort,
either online or in one of their 3 retail locations.
Kristin is the 3rd generation to be running the family business of 40 years.
At only 22 years old Kristin is opening her own Fort Western Store in Columbus Nebraska.
The grand opening is TOMORROW, November 30, 2012.
(The other 2 are located in Lincoln and Nebraska City)
Being the manager of her own retail store is no small task, 
especially during the holiday season.
But this is nothing new to Kristin.  She has worked at The Fort since High School.
She is no stranger to the long hours and MANY duties to keep 
a retail store running successfully.
She also has a great eye for fashion.
She is perfect girl to help you pick out your outfit for an
upcoming holiday party, rodeo, dance, date, or just a great fitting pair of jeans.
She knows how to work hard but she is not all work and no play
(I told you she has a true cowgirl spirit).
When not at work Kristin enjoys spending time with family, friends 
and her boyfriend, Scott.
On weekends she can often be found at a concert or at a Husker football game!
Kristin is also learning how to team rope.
She is a spirited young lady and tells it like it is.
She might be little, standing at only 5 ft tall, but she is feisty.
When she finally gets home and is able to kick her boots off 
she enjoys doing arts and crafts.
Kristin is a Country music fan and has good taste,
with her favorites being Miranda Lambert and Garth Brooks.
Now if that doesn’t tell you something about her…..
Garth = Classic, Traditional, True Country
Miranda = Fun, Wild, Feisty,
Kristin Thank you so much.
You are a great example of an “everyday cowgirl”.
Hard working, Driven, Determined, Strong willed, Feisty, Spirited, Honest
Best of luck to you and your new store!

If you have a chance to stop into the Fort in Columbus tell her
Suzi from chores and chandeliers said “HOWDY”!

Are you an everyday cowgirl?
Please send me your pictures and tell me how you are an “everyday cowgirl” at

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Party in a BARN!?!?!

Over the weekend hubs cleaned out the back of the barn 
to make a cute little stall for my daughters Pony, Perry. 
Isn’t this the sweetest picture ever!!!???!?!?!
This is my 4 year old cowgirl and her Perry the Pony…Awwwwwwe

He did a great job and it got me thinking.
I want to have a party in the barn! 
Yep a HOLIDAY party in the barn.   
Good food, cheap drinks, GREAT FRIENDS! 
Decorated with vintage decor, old furniture, chandeliers, JUNK, and Christmas décor.
Christmas Music!!!
I got excited started to day dream.
The Hubs (quickly) reminded me that it was a lot of work and a short time frame.
That still was not enough of a reason for me to not do it!!!
Then he reminded me how busy everyone is this time of year.
Everyone has  company Christmas parties, family get-togethers, 
school programs, basketball games, wrestling meets, dance recitals, band concerts, 
church events and the list goes on and on and ON.
OK I guess he wins **my head hanging low**
Then he adds, “and besides it too cold for me to power wash this time of year.”
WHAT????  **My head perks up**
He is not kidding, that’s the kind of guy he is!!!
When he does things he does them right!
You betcha I’ll gladly put of my barn party till spring if it means 
the INSIDE of the barn will be power washed!

We decided that we will do a big barn party come spring around May-ish.
So it will be our Barn Dance/Spring Fling/Summer kickoff party.
I will still decorate with vintage decor, old furniture, chandeliers, and JUNK 
(just not Christmas décor)
I’m super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my… auction and junking addiction just GREW!!!!!!!!
Let the day dreaming begin!

Sound fun to you?
Who wants to come???? 

Look at what he found while cleaning,  SCORE!!!!!
Look at the years on them!!!
I love old JUNK!

Monday, November 26, 2012

everyday cowgirl

I’m adding something new to my blog!
I’m really excited for this addition.
I can’t wait to showcase some of my readers!

Every week I will be posting a new everyday cowgirl
I’ll post pictures of her and share what makes her an everyday cowgirl.
What is makes a cowgirl?
Whether she wears a pair of dirty cowboy boots, a fabulous pair of heals, or a broke in pair of running shoes does not determine a cowgirl.
Confident . Determined . Driven . Responsible . Strong willed . Dedicated . Free spirit.
Are just a few characteristics of a cowgirl.
A cowgirl is a way of life.  A cowgirl enjoys life as it happens! 
Making the most of what she is doing NOW.
(What is the point of only seeing how fabulous life is looking back?)

An everyday cowgirl is a state of mind which is not dependent on where you live, work or what you wear.

Please send me some pictures of you being an everyday cowgirl. 
and tell me what makes you a cowgirl!
 Please shoot me an email at

Chrismas Decor: Living Room

Talk about putting a person into the Christmas spirit!
You already know how I feel about the snow!

Here is my living room PACKED FULL of Christmas. 
I LOVE IT!!!!!!
It’s A LOT and all year round it would feel cluttered to me. 
But for the holidays it’s PERFECT!!!!
One of my favorite pieces this year is this sled.  It’s new to my collection this year. 
A friend was cleaning out her garage and gave it to me!  ***LOVE***
 A few more shots of the living room.  
OK OK, you caught me.  It is also the Dinning room!  
Its a small house.  I prefer the word cozy!
 Top of the hutch/Center piece
 Here are a couple other smaller decorations around.  
I fill up every corner with "something"
Is it overboard????  
Maybe so. And that is OK with me! :)
After seeing these pictures I am reminded of projects I want to do 
to my living room once Christmas comes down!  :)