Monday, November 26, 2012

Chrismas Decor: Living Room

Talk about putting a person into the Christmas spirit!
You already know how I feel about the snow!

Here is my living room PACKED FULL of Christmas. 
I LOVE IT!!!!!!
It’s A LOT and all year round it would feel cluttered to me. 
But for the holidays it’s PERFECT!!!!
One of my favorite pieces this year is this sled.  It’s new to my collection this year. 
A friend was cleaning out her garage and gave it to me!  ***LOVE***
 A few more shots of the living room.  
OK OK, you caught me.  It is also the Dinning room!  
Its a small house.  I prefer the word cozy!
 Top of the hutch/Center piece
 Here are a couple other smaller decorations around.  
I fill up every corner with "something"
Is it overboard????  
Maybe so. And that is OK with me! :)
After seeing these pictures I am reminded of projects I want to do 
to my living room once Christmas comes down!  :)


  1. Suzi, I think I need your help this year! I can't seem to get motivated! Tried over the weekend, but little sucess!

    1. I'm heading g to Omaha this weekend. For a girls trip (with my old college roommates). Want me to come by?

    2. It would be great to see you!!! I should be around, if you have a few minutes to spare for your old aunt!

  2. I love your sleigh! And that lattice is awesome. I can't wait until we move in our new house to go over boarding with Christmas decorations!