Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jar Picture Frames

I LOVE JARS!!!!!! All kinds of jars. 
But I definitely have a weak spot for old blue mason jars! 
They make me SO HAPPY every time I see one! 
The color is amazing! I can’t help to think what it would have been like to actually use these jars on a regular basis and not as a novelty like we do today. 
Anyway, since I am in love with them I definitely have some of my own and I like to use them in my mantel decor as often as possible. 
So for this project I used my blue mason jars along with some plain old clear jars (pickle, spaghetti sauce, olive jars, etc). 
I can’t throw anything away. 
It drives my husband crazy at times, so I take it as a personal challenge to use my trash and turn it into treasure as often as possible just to keep him happy and not too annoyed with my large amount of “treasures”. 
I cleaned the jars out well and removed all the labels. 
Then I  simply inserted some black and white photos.  
Just slip the photos in the jars and hold them tight to the curve of the jar. 
There were a few I had to trim just to the fit on the “flat part” (not the top or bottom that curves inward) of the jar. 
The reused jars work best because they are plain 
and don’t have the words on the side to obstruct the view.
 I used some fall leaves to fill in to give a warm fall feeling. 
But honestly the leaves are not necessary. The “Jar Frames” are adorable on their own! 

I was asked to be a feature blogger for The Flame a couple months back They wanted projects that were accessible for people living out in rural Nebraska.  
Sadly we don't always have access to all the craft shops. 
So, I posted about my glass jar picture frames.  
The Flame was created to make another GREAT place for women to connect with each other and with God. Great Blog. Great Women.

I'm re posting it here because I'm super busy redoing my laundry closet!  
Our dryer quit working this week, since everything was pulled out I figured it was a good time to paint it and give it a face lift!  Pictures coming soon!


  1. Adorable! Such a great idea, love it!!
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  2. Hi there! This is such unique and creative idea - love it! I am now following and I look forward to future visits. Have a lovely week!

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