Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Laundry Closet Makeover

I have wanted to redo my laundry closet for a long time! 
But it always got pushed down the list.
One reason was I never knew exactly what I wanted to do.
Another reason was I didn’t want to spend much money on it. 
Also, I always found another project that I thought needed done NOW. 
And last, it had doors! So it was easy to shut the doors and ignore it. :)

Last week our dryer stopped working.
Of course the only way you know it is broke is when you intend on using it.
I hung out clothes on the line. They froze! 

Since the washer and dryer had to come out to fix the dryer
it was the perfect time to redo the laundry room.
But I did not get a before picture!  SORRY!!!
(It was a basic laundry closet.  White.  Dusty.  It had one lonely cabinet hung on the left hand side)

I had no budget for it.
I had no plans for what I wanted to do.

I headed down stairs and grabbed a full quart of paint
(it was a mis-mix picked up a long time ago)
and an almost empty gallon left over from our last house.
(yes I moved almost empty cans of paint with me)
I dumped to paints together and painted away.
This is the color.  Not bad!!!
 The cabinet hung in the corner above the dryer (on the left side)

Then I had no plans from there. 
It sat like this for a few days.
Today I put my 1 year old cowgirl down for a nap and headed out to the barn to get inspired. 
We redid our corals this spring and I kept some of the old boards in the barn. 
I picked out a board that I liked and then hauled it back to the house.
I measured and started to cut with the table saw. 
I knew I wanted 2 ledges/shelves.
 There is that funny little electrical box on the wall that limited my design options some.
I just used the remnant boards to use as brackets. 
 I attached these to the wall then screwed the wood "shelf" into them
Then I hung the original cabinet on the side way and put up a shower curtain rod up to hang clothes on. 
I also attached a wicker basket under the shelf.  
I simple screwed through the handle/rim directly into the wood shelf.
Then it was the fun part. Accessorize!!!!!

This is the finished projects!
And best of all, it was FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did not buy a thing.
Everything was on hand!
I had it all done before my husband came home for lunch!
He was really impressed.

My husband is very talented and I rely on him a lot to help out with projects.
But it felt great to do this whole project from beginning to end on my own


  1. Wow I love those shelves! Looks great and you did it for free. That's awesome!

    1. Thank you so much! It was a fun, quick project and cheap :)
      I look forard to seeing how your laundry room turns out!

  2. WOW!!! Great laundry redo!!! Love it!!! LOVE, LOVE your family picture at the top of your blog!! Soooo cute!!! Following your from The Rustic Pig!

    1. Thank you! It was taken at our place! I love the view!!!

  3. What a great idea! I love free projects that turn out well! Thanks for sharing this in the comments at Remodelaholic -- I've added it to our laundry room round-up so our readers can see it and come learn more. Have a wonderful day!

    Lorene and Cassity from