Sunday, August 7, 2016

it's that time...Outside my classroom

It is officially time to stop denying that soon school starts! since teacher report this coming Thursday!!!!! 

I have started working in my classroom and have actually made a lot of progress but finished very little other then my door and hallway display.  Every year I do a yearlong theme outside my room.  I don't change it (other than for Christmas) because I am always rotating out artwork displays.  So I figure I get a free pass on doing monthly bulletin boards like other teachers do!  Or at least that is how I justify it to myself.

I teach k-12 art 
and my room is located all by itself next to the lunch room, at the end of the Elementary wing, opposite from the High School, and room across from the Gym (I am kind of on an island and I LOVE IT). My room is actually the only room sport patrons see when they come to games.  So I decided to do a South Loup Bobcat theme this year!  I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.
My bobcat door hanger.
I drew the bobcat on a piece of underlayment and the hubs cut it out.  
Then I painted it up and added the ribbon.  
(I have one more drawn up I'm thinking art club fundraiser!?)
A friend of mine from high school cut out the vinyl for me. 
I LOOOOVE how it turned out!!!!!!
I also painted up this chair bobcat blue and covered the seat in some left over fabric from the oldest cowgirls nursery
(yes she is almost 8 and I still have it laying around!)
I also added my schedule, a logo, and a saying I really enjoy.
Now to tie up ends inside my room!!! 
It will all come together.  It always does!!!!

Have a great school year to all teachers, students, and parents!!!!!