Thursday, February 27, 2014

new life to an old buffet

My mom had an old buffet hidden in a back room I had been eying it for years,  
I never had a place for it but I recently decided to to MAKE ROOM!!!!

My Mom and Dad surprised me and brought it down last weekend.
She is a beauty huh???? 
OK OK she is a bit rough,  a lot of years of wear and tear....
I first took my trusty radial sander and roughed up the finish.  
I then primed it.  I did a quick coat.
I knew I was going to give it a highly distressed finished 
so I was not super concerned with a perfect paint job.
Once I had it all painted I brought out my radial sander again and went to town.

quite the change.....

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines for school and daycare

This year for Valentine’s Day the cowgirls are taking Valentines to preschool and Daycare. 
Here is what they are taking. 
I made tents out of regular printer paper and stapled the to snack bags.
We have 3 different ones.
Since they will each be taking some to daycare and my 5 year old is taking some to preschool. 
This is what the tags say…..

We gave a pie to her fabulous teacher!
mmmm...Villiage Pie Maker pies are AMAZING!!!!!
She really is a sweetie pie!!!!

We made red velvet white chocolate chip cookies for her 2 Assistant Teachers.

And lastly their daycare lady! 

We are blessed with amazing teachers and daycare!!!!
I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!!!! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

cowboy boot redesign

Today I shared a cowboy boot redesign with the lovely ladies over at Housewives of Rural America
Head over and check out how I made these 
old thrift store cowboy boots into fashion forward western booties!
(I give step by step instructions)
Pretty sweet huh????

So now what do you wear with them?
They look adorable with leggings, jeggings, shorts, dresses and skirts.
They add a funky touch with a western flare to any outfit.

I wore them yesterday with jeans.  
Here is the outfit I put together.  
I can't wait to pair them with more fun outfits!!!!
Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@chores_chandeliers) to see other outfits I wear my booties with!

What would you pair these with???

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Redford Ranch Style

The web seems to be over crowed with boutiques (some online only/some with store fronts).
I am always a little leery about ordering from them but I have found a REAL GEM!!!!
Redford Ranch Style

I originally came across Redford Ranch Style on facebook when I ordered the adorable leggings my 5 year old cowgirl wore in our Christmas pictures. 
The owner, Missy, is such a pleasure to work with!!!
She is down right amazing and her style is impeccable!!! 
She has the most fabulous ranch style.
To be honest I want to sit back, kick my boots up on her front porch, have a drink with her, 
while our FOUR redheads play, YES SHE HAS 2 ADORABLE REDHEADS ALSO!!!!
who am I kidding I want to raid her closet too

I recently won this cap through an Instagram contest that Redford Ranch Style hosted.

 Be sure to check out their website, facebook, and Instagram 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beauty Swap

I signed up to do a beauty swap with Crystal over at Crystal Cattle and I am SO GLAD I did.

I was paired up with Sarah over at The Dusenberry Daily.
She totally spoiled me!!!!!
We emailed each other back and forth to get to know each other.
I told her I liked to play to with eye color, battle dry skin this time of year, 
and love trying all sorts of new hair products.
She did SOOOO GOOD! 

We both started following each other’s blog and also Instagram account.  
I posted the other day on Instagram that my eye shadow never lasts all day. 
So she hooked me upShe gave me Urban Decay Primer.   
Also 3 samples of different tinted eye primers.
AND....the most fabulous eye shadow colors!!!!  I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She also gave me 3 samples of different moisturizer and my all time favorite lip gloss.
I love EOS!!!

 Sarah also included 2 bottles of nail polish, and a new file.
I have already used both colors and the file!!!
The pink Revlon polish is a perfume polish.  YES PERFUME!!!!  It smells amazing!!!

Sarah included some of her favorite products that she really wanted me to try.
One of these was Nail Butter.  And OH MY IT IS FABULOUS!!!!

She also really wanted me to try Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray.
I don’t know why I have not tried this before.  It is incredible!!!!

I couldn't be happier with ALL the items I received!!!!
 I am so glad I signed up for this and I will definitely do it again!
Head over to Sarah’s Blog and see what I sent her.

I hope you sign up next time!!!!