Sunday, July 9, 2017

main living area 'tour'

The main living area has been a lot of fun to do.  I went with warm grays (3 shades to be exact) through out and a pop of orange for contrast (and to keep it warm).  I did ALL the interior priming and painting.  That was a big job.  I spent many evenings over in the the house alone on scaffolding  listening to my high school students basketball games.  I also did all the art work through out this main living area.  

Dan did all the finish work inside (and outside).  He did a great job on the wood floors.  He also did all the trim, baseboards, hung the doors, did the fireplace stone, mantel, and hung the cabinets.  I did help with it all but he was the brains behind it.
This hangs above the bench in the entry
Yes this is an old record player that has been "spruced up" as our entertainment center
LOVE the wall of windows in the kitchen!!!!!!
I LOOOOVE my pantry!!!  Sorry there is not better pictures but it is a hard room to photo.  We have plans to fix it up nicer but for now this set up works great!  I think my electrician thought I was crazy when I told him that I wanted 4 outlets in this small room all at outlets counter height.  I use my walk in pantry as a mini butlers pantry.  That is where my Keurig, toaster, and crockpot/instant pot all stay.  They sit on the counter behind closed doors so my kitchen counters are never cluttered with them.  I love stepping into my pantry to grab my coffee and having a roast going all day in there and it not out on the counter.  This is my favorite part of the whole house!!!
This hangs in the hallway outside of the the pantry (at the top of the stairs)
Painting the ceiling orange was a cheap and easy way to add color to a simple area.
Our dining table and hutch were bought with wedding money in 2005. 
This portion of the house is where I enjoy my coffee every morning.  We call it the sun room because when we originally drew up our plans we had it designed as an actual sun room.  But when it was being framed we decided that we really wanted to keep the long lines of the ceiling.  The visual when you first walk into the house was too cool  we didn't want to lose that!  I really wanted a couch table but was having a hard time finding the right fit so once again dan hooked me up with a custom piece. 
Dan made me this perfect sized couch table out of old corral boards from the old place.
Those orange chairs are an auction find for $5....SCORE!!!
The candle holder is an old chandeliers I found at the grandparents farm.
Looking back at the entry
I came across this fabulous rug 2nd hand locally.
The sun room leads out onto the deck.
Here is the basic breakdown of the the main living area.... 
We once again got all building supplies through Mead Lumber.
For thing Mead does not carry we did our best to buy local!!!
We are very lucky that we have some great shops in town.

General Contractor: Dan Campbell
 Building Materials Provided by Mead Lumber

  • Floor: Hickory Engineered Wood Floor
  • Cabinets:Custom Woods
  • Countertops: Granite
  • Fireplace: Stone
  • Fireplace mantel: Reclaimed barn wood 
  • Cowhide Rug: Bow Family Furniture
  • Appliances: Lyne's Appliances
  • Couches: Bow Family Furniture
  • Lights: THE HARDEST PART FOR ME were bought all over.  I ordered the dining chandelier and pendents online from Amazon

I plan to do the main floor bedrooms and bathrooms next 
(then I'll do one last post of the basement).
I hope you are enjoying my "tour"

Saturday, July 8, 2017

exterior "tour"

I am going to start the tour with the exterior of our home.
OK I know it’s probably not the most exciting part but I have to start someplace.  :)

Here is the basic breakdown of the the exterior...
General Contractor: Dan Campbell
Materials Provided by Mead Lumber

  • Siding: LP Smart Side in Terra Bronze
  • Shake Siding: LP Smart Side (in Custom Paint Color)
  • Shingles: Heritage 30 in Rustic Black
  • Windows: Anderson 100 series Casement
  • Front Door: Bayer Built Acclimated Fiber Glass
  • Pediment: Made by Dan
  • Shutters: Black
  • Patio Doors: Anderson
  • Deck: TimberTech
  • Railing: TamRail

I love the wrap around catwalk on the deck.  
We still have some work to do on this side slop.  
We have plans of a grilling station and terraces but that will come with time. 

Our flowers out front. I made the dry creek bed and used a lot of old junk to use as planters

The coop.  Yes I of course brought it over!!!!  
It gave it a fresh coat of paint to match the new house.
(I still need to get the shutters back on)
I have sunflowers planted behind the cute little fence and and I can not wait for them to be peeking over!

Come back to see the main living area tomorrow!!!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Virtual tour

We have been in our home for over a year!!!  

I have been asked OVER and OVER to share images of my home and do a virtual tour!  I have to be honest I have been putting off sharing photos of my house for a couple reasons.  One reason was because I felt like I was not done decorating so I thought I should wait till I finished.  Also, the grass/lawn is not in like I would like it to be.  But the truth is that it is never finished and the lawn, flowers, and landscaping are always evolving.

The main reason though was because I felt like I would look like I was bragging.  I have a beautiful home and we have worked VERY hard to get this home.  The Hub’s has put in A LOT of hard work on the construction side.  He did so much work himself and put in some REALLY long days (he still does with all the maintenance)!  Not only that but we also worked hard to save the money to build this house.  I just worried that people would think differently of me once they saw my home.  I pride myself on being a “normal” person who doesn’t need big fancy things! Don’t get me wrong I like nice things!!!!  But I can make anything nice.  It doesn’t have to be new!!!  As you see from my blog I love to take old things and breathe new life into them.  I have a those things in our new home.  I used a TON of old pieces that we had in our old house, pieces I had been storing in the barn, and new (to me) pieces I have found at flea markets, garage sales, and antique stores!
When we bought our little country home we always planned on building on the land.  It was always our goal.  We settled into our little country farm house and fixed it up and made it our home.  It worked great and served its purpose.  It is where we brought our littlest cowgirl home from the hospital. I was very happy in that home and there are things I miss about that house but honestly we out grew it.  One bathroom and no tub (yes 2 young children and NO TUB) was hard! 

I have decided to finally share pictures of my home because I am PROUD!
Proud of my home!
Proud of the work we put into this house!
Proud of my talented husband!
Proud of us saving up to afford this home!

So, starting tomorrow I am going to share the house.  I think I’ll break it up into a few different posts to keep the photo manageable!  I hope you enjoy!