Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ever wonder where bloggers live?

Do you ever wonder where bloggers live?
Well today on "the good life" link up we are doing just that.
We are giving tours of our neighborhood, farm, ranch, town, etc.

Week 12
"Give us a tour"
I live down a dusty dirt road in the center of Nebraska.
This is view from the road.
We have a lot of shade trees around the house which is really nice.
Outbuildings/barns/corn crib.
Front of our house.
Next to our house we have a cute little tire horse swing {the cowgirls love it}
Out back I have a clothes line which I LOVE and use often!
This is one of my gardens,  I plants peppers and leaf lettuce in an old feed bunk
{the other Garden is by the chicken coop, you can see the coop in this picture}
We also have an unfinished play set out back
{I hope it is done for the girls birthday party: Sept/Oct}
Here is the fire pit {filled with branches from the yard}
We have an old foundation out back also that we use as our patio
In this picture you can see how they all relate to each other
I hope you enjoyed the tour of our place!
It is nothing fancy but it is home and has CAME A LONG WAY 
since we bought the place almost 3 years ago! 
Please link up at the bottom and give us a tour around your place.

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  1. Your place has nice green grass everywhere!! Our yard is nice but everywhere else is stickers and weeds! :( Love your place and all the features you have!

  2. Love the dirt road. We live at the end of a dirt road. The only house on Cow Creek rd. 3 miles to the mail box and no neighbors for 5 miles. :) Love it!

  3. You have such a cute yard! I love the extra big patio out back!

  4. Your place is absolutely adorable, I love it!

  5. Love the tour of your place! I will soon have a post up about the tour of the baby's room. My house isn't that exciting otherwise to give a tour of. :)

  6. What a great space. I wish my backyard was as big! I love a clothes line too. So lucky to have one :) Loved the tour.

  7. What a cute little place! I am sure the country is SO quiet compared to where I live. I wouldn't mind living outside of town someday...

  8. Loved seeing your cute place! Thanks for the fun topic!

  9. So sorry I missed this link up!!! I'll double up this week..we went on a trip and am just now getting back into our little routines. Love your place!! :)