Thursday, August 8, 2013

hang wreaths on your shutters

Yesterday I gave a tour of our place.  
You can see it HERE.
I was reminded once again that I have been wanting to share my shutters for some time 
but I've been waiting till the new wooden screen door goes up.  
WELL....that STILL has not happened.  
So I figured today is the day to share my shutter wreaths.
I have hung Christmas wreaths on them in the past 
but this Spring {Yes Spring, I've been waiting that long for my new screen door} 
I decided that I needed to add something for non holiday. 
I picked up some grapevine wreaths for 50% off at Hobby Lobby.
4 of them {I have 2 front windows with shutters}
I used burlap to hold the wreath in place.  
I simply looped the burlap through the wreath {2 times on top and bottom} 
then stapled the burlap on the top and on the bottom of the shutters
and ticked the ends behind the shutters.
I love Shutters and a window boxes.
They work on SO MANY styles of homes!!!
They are EASY and a fun addition to a FLAT BORING front.
You can see the whole front HERE.
The front of our house has NO architectural interest so it needs some pzazz 's
{FYI, Pzazz is my oldest cowgirl's favorite word}


  1. That is such a great idea and I love the burlap and rustic look of the wreaths.

  2. Super cute! I don't have shutters on my house, but this kind of makes me want them!