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I feature everyday cowgirls
I’ll post pictures of her and share what makes her an everyday cowgirl.
What is makes a cowgirl?
Whether she wears a pair of dirty cowboy boots, a fabulous pair of heals, or a broke in pair of running shoes does not determine a cowgirl.
Confident . Determined . Driven . Responsible . Strong willed . Dedicated . Free spirit.
Are just a few characteristics of a cowgirl.
A cowgirl is a way of life.  A cowgirl enjoys life as it happens! 
Making the most of what she is doing NOW.
(What is the point of only seeing how fabulous life is looking back?)

An everyday cowgirl is a state of mind which is not dependent on where you live, work or what you wear.

Please send me some pictures of you being an everyday cowgirl. 
and tell me what makes you a cowgirl!
 Please shoot me an email at chores_chandeliers@hotmail.com