Suzi HomeFaker Style Recipes

Here are quick links to my posts that have "Suzi Homfaker style recipes"

I love to cook.
I don’t cook complicated stuff.
I like to cook simple things with a lot of flavor.
(I also think presentation is a big part of food and the whole experience)
When people come to the house I always offer food,
whether it is a snack or a big meal.
I often joke and say wear stretchy pants when you come visit.
I have been called Suzi Homemaker before 
but I have decided Suzi Homefaker is a better fit.
In my eyes Suzi Homemaker is making everything from scratch,
whereas Suzi Homefaker takes short cuts as often as possible!

I randomly post recipes that are Suzi Homefaker Style in my blog.
That just means they are EASY, QUICK, and YUMMY!!!


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  1. Loooove how you've changed name from homeMaker to homeFaker, pretty clever:). Unlike you, I don't really enjoy cooking. So Im ALWAYS looking for fast,easy but tasty recipes. Can't wait to try some of yours. Wishing you good (better) health.