Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mustgo night

Last night we had Mustgo for supper.   
We have this about once a month around here. 
It’s not a fancy meal, actually it’s not even the same meal.  
Sometimes it is Mustgo casserole or Mustgo soup.
Mustgo is simply whatever is in the cupboard (or fridge) that “must go”.
It’s a novelty around here!!!
When my husband comes home he will smile and say “Mustgo night?”
Tonight it is meatloaf and a new "side dish" I made up.
The side dish was our Mustgo dish!

I used 1/2 the box of stuffing mix in the meatloaf so I was trying to figure out something to do with the other 1/2.
(My meatloaf is nothing fancy just a lb of hamburger meat, 1/2 box of stuffing mix, 1 egg, BBQ sauce)

So I came up with this...
Hashbrown/Stuffing/Cheese casserole.
I just used what I had left in the house but it WILL be made again!!!!

It was...
1/3 bag of hashbrowns (still frozen)
1/2 box of stuffing mix
1 can cream mushroom
1/2 can of water (cream mushroom can)
Handfull of cheese
Mix it all togehter, Pour in a casserol dish
Top with cheese
350 for aprox 30 min
this was so easy!  it definitely will go into my "Suzi Homefaker Recipe Box"

OK I know Mustgo is nothing earth shattering. 
BUT it’s all about how you approach it.
In all honestly I should just go grocery shopping but instead
 I put it off one more day (or maybe 2) and we eat Mustgo and no one complains :)


  1. I have never even heard of it before!! sounds great!!

  2. Your mustgo meals sound yummy. My mom used to make "refrigerator soup" once a week with all the leftovers. It was always so good. My friends used to beg to be invited over for dinner on those nights. Isn't it fun how the most unpretentious dishes can be such favorites?

  3. Anything with potatoes AND cheese sounds delicious to me! I'm a new follower :)

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  4. Suzie Homefaker made me laugh.

    Last night was a mustgo night for us too!

  5. Thanks ladies!

    Lol@ refrigerator soup! That's cute!!!

    And I agree, if it has potatoes and cheese it has to be good!

  6. Looks yummy! I love cheese!