Saturday, December 15, 2012

everyday cowgirl {postponed}

Sorry I did not get the “everyday cowgirl” post up this week.  
Thursday (the day I had intended to post it) a good friend asked me to go with her 
to finish up our Christmas shopping.  
I couldn’t turn her down!  :)
Then Friday I was unable to get in the mood to write it.  
I was in shock by the recent tragedy.
Being a mom and a substitute teacher I really hit home.
I am choosing to spend some extra time with the family this weekend and I will not be posting an “everyday cowgirl” this week.
And today is my 4 year old cowgirls first dance recital!!!

Our baby goat Pearl is missing! 
She was at the place yesterday (Dec 14) afternoon when I left for town and when I got back home an hour and half later she was GONE. 
We have no idea where she could be. 
We have looked EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!! 
We are afraid either something got her OR someone took her!
(she would NOT have wondered off on her own)
I have some sad little girls!!!!!
(I randomly took this picture of her just a day earlier!)

I have an amazing woman I am going to be posting about!!!
I’ll post next week, when I can sit down and write up an article deserving to the wonderful young lady I’ll be featuring! 
I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.
Watch for a new post Monday morning!
My everyday cowgirl post will be coming at the end of the week like normal.

God bless!

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