Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Cards

Did you send out Christmas cards this year?
WE did.  We do every year. 
But this year I almost skipped it.
I wrote up a Christmas letter. 
It was almost a full page and really creative and cute (I thought). 
But I wanted to add a picture to fill up some empty spots. 
I didn’t care for the photo and went to delete it and for some reason I closed out! 
Oh sheesh…I was upset and pouted for a few days (maybe longer)
and told the hubs he was to write it.
Well that didn’t happen (shocker).

So earlier this week I sat down and wrote up a new Christmas letter. 
It was not a really letter just a top 12 of 2012.
Creative, I thought.
I printed them out, stuffed them, sealed them, and hand addressed them.
(because my computer crashed this past year)
I was ready to head to the post office and as I sat there I looked down at my “letter”.
I had to walk away…....
I really wanted to throw them away and be done!
But I really liked our photo this year...Seriously that was what held me back! :)
After a nice fatty lunch and some talking with my level headed hubs
I RE-printed, opened up every envelope, and RE-stuffed them with the correct spelling!

This is our card this year….

This is the “letter”


  1. I love your family picture! I'm sure your family and friends love you and know how busy you are, and won't mind a spelling mistake or two.
    (I also learned, the hard way, to give myself a couple of extra days, so I could walk away from a project and then come back to proofread with fresh eyes before I hit the print button.)

    1. I really should have learned by now!!!
      This is NOT the first time! :/

      Oh well...I can.slaughter at it all now!

    2. Lol....I did it again!

      My phone gets the best of me OFTEN!!!

  2. Lol Awwwwww you should make up a checklist for when you are printing things up since we know you love to make typos so much. Make one of those: Check Spelling ;) hehe

    1. Ha ha....thanks. The sad part is that I did proofread! Multiple times! :/

      I wrote 'manger' instead of 'manager'
      Dan told me to leave it. Then I asked him if he wanted the president of his company to read that....He then agreed it should me fixed!