Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Card Display

Where do you keep your Christmas cards? 
I feel Christmas cards should be on display!!!!
Not in a pile!
(although I think in a pretty bowl on the coffee table would be pretty but not an option for us, I explain later)

Last year I put mine on a small tree in my kitchen. 
But last year my youngest cowgirl was only 3 months old. 
This year at one year old she is in EVERYTHING!!!
I mean everything!!!!
I tried to put the cards on the tree but she just took them off.
She carried them around the house, 
crumpled them up, and tried to throw them in the toilet. 
Which is where everything goes these days. 
Needless to say our bathroom door stays shut at all times. 
Today she followed me in as I was doing my hair and she lifted to lid to throw a book in…Uggg
Anyway……Back to Christmas cards.
SO I needed to find a new spot OUT of her reach. 
I found it. 
On the ugly bifold doors that hide my laundry closet. 
It was such a simple project. 
I just grabbed some left over ribbon and cut it to my desired length.
Then used a thumb tack to hold it in place on the back.
(You could use a staple gun or a good tape)
Then I used clothes pins to hold the cards. 

 Where are yours???


  1. Great looking finished project there! You kiddo sounds like a riot.

  2. I love this Idea, now if only I knew where all my Christmas cards were.
    You did a great job!

    Happy Holidays

  3. Oh goodness! Our baby just started crawling and I thought he was getting into everything simply because he is starting to be mobile but I suppose it makes sense that the fun of "exploring" never stops :) our cards are on our fridge, but I really like this idea, simple, cheap, easy, and a pretty result!

  4. Great, simple idea! Mine are on the fridge, but I like this better!

  5. Such a cute idea!!! (Just found your blog via Circle the Wagons. ) :)