Monday, December 10, 2012

Where do you keep your jewelry?

I LOVE JEWELRY!  Well all accessories actually!  
And its hard to keep them all straight and remember what I have!
So I needed a way to show off my jewelry 
in a way that I would want to see it everyday in my room.
It had to be easy to access or else (I know my self) It would pile up on my dresser!

I found an old screen door in the barn.
BUT, it smelled!!!
I hosed it down and scrubbed it with a scrub brush and some dawn dish soap.
It still stunk…but it was clean and the gunk was off of it.
The best way to get rid of the smell is fresh air and sunlight. 
So I propped it up against the garage and left it outside for about 3 days. 
The smell is GONE!
I then grabbed some nails.
I wanted some with big heads.
If they did not have much of a head it would be easier for the jewelry to slip off. 
I did not measure I just hammers them in wherever.  
 I was not looking for an orderly look.
I like random (ha ha, if you personally know me, you understand how random I really am)
I then moved it into my room and leaned it against the wall and filled it up. 
It works great for the necklaces and fish hook earrings. 
It’s a fun piece!!!!
I love having my jewelry out where I can see it and grab it easily.
(If I don’t see it I forget about it)
I would be neat in a bathroom also. 
I just don’t have room in mine for it.

Now I need to FIND all my jewelry and fill it up more!
Sometimes I'll grab a purse I haven't used in a while and find a little treasure 
like a necklace (or bracelet, earrings, headband) I forgot I had!  
I may need to go to AA  (Accessory Anonymous) 

My bracelets are on wine bottles on my dresser.
You can see the post here.

I love to repurpose old things for a few reasons
1.       I am cheap.  It’s true! :)
2.       I just like the look of old stuff.  I love the patina and aged look.  It has so much character.
3.       I don’t like having the same stuff as others.  I like being an individual.  And having one of kind pieces.  (I got my fill of trying to match others in Jr High.)

Where do you keep your Jewelry?


  1. Love the idea of the screen door...rustic and looks super cute!

  2. I have my necklaces on an old rake head. I tried to Bring in a pitch fork for accessories, but my son but the nix on that! I have some square nails if you want them, Suzi!!

    1. I love those ideas!!! I never thought of a pitchfork! Great idea!!!!

  3. LOVE this! I have hooks that look like branches I hang necklaces on AND I took a shadow box frame and covered it to an earring hanger with wire and fun scrapbooking paper :)