Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cheddar bacon dip {Suzi HomeFaker Style}

I’m adding another Suzi HomeFaker recipe.
Suzi HomeFaker just means that it 
tastes great and is EASY and quick to make!
This one definitely fits that’s, almost too much so!
I wasn’t even going to post it but……

Well, I made 2 dishes to take over to a friend’s BBQ this past weekend.
One was my pasta salad that I often make and one was a cheddar Bacon dip.
The dip was a hit!!!!
Like it was gone before the meal was even read kind of hit.
I had some ask me what was on in it and I just skirted around the question.
But then afterword I got a text asking for the recipe.
I figure if people are thinking about it once they leave then I should share!!!
It’s only fair right???

OK brace yourself……
{I’m feeling guilty, not to guilty because it was GREAT!}

I bought a container of this cheddar bacon dip
Added a handful of shredded cheese about a 4th of a package of real bacon bits.
Then put the mixture in my own container to serve out of.
I served it with Freetos Scoops
Yes that is all I did!

I do feel a bit bad about taking any credit for this "recipe" but
it was DELISH and no one was upset that I brought it!  :)


  1. This is going to make its way into my house. Boy loves bacon, and dip?! He's all over it! Thanks for revealing your secrets :)

  2. Sounds great and the easier the better!!

  3. Sounds good! I bet it would even be good with shredded Swiss cheese mixed in... I'll have to try!

  4. Our family has been a fan of Kraft's B & C dip (by itself) for a very long time. You just gave us reason to like it even more! Don't feel guilty. Sometimes the most simple ingredients can be combined to make something fabulous... you are just providing the instructions (guidance) needed. ;)

  5. Hey, you call yourself Suzy Homefaker...they knew it had to be easy then, right?? lol.

  6. Oh I LOVE your original recipe. Very resourceful:) Delish is all that counts:) B