Saturday, June 22, 2013

summer is here...finally!!!

Thank you summer you are FINALLY here!!!!
So far this summer has been crazy busy.
This past week has been much needed!!!!
No running around like a crazy person.
Of course there is always something to do, someplace to be and stuff to get done.
But this week has been at a nice pace.
We had friends come out to visit, baseball games, pool days and a little yard work too.
We even got up and went for walks in the mornings.
We even found a turtle on one of our walks.
The past few weeks I wouldn’t have even notice the turtle 
I was rushing from place to place so fast.
We brought the little guy (gal???) home the girls played with him till he wondered off.
The Hubs even had time to go for a late night evening walk one night this week.

I have not mentioned my stepson {I’ll refer to him as S} much on here yet.
He is the handsome teenager in our family picture in my header photo.
He is here for the summer.  He comes up every summer.
We love having him here!
He is the BEST big brother ever!!!!
For real, the cowgirls are super lucky to have him.
Don’t get me wrong the words, 
“S, Leave them alone” come out of my mouth multiple times a day.
He picks on them till the scream but they love him to pieces and they both now know
that when they are in trouble they should run to S, he will always comfort them.
Since he has been here he has been knocking things off the Hub’s to-do list!
He has been a busy boy, getting up early (well early for a 13 year old boy)
the past couple weeks to get work done around the place.
He knows that if he doesn’t he won’t get to run around with his friends.
Although his recent running around has meant going to the batting cages
in town for a couple hours in the afternoon when I run errands.
He loves baseball, I mean LOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This year has been a bit rough {but that is part of baseball too}.
We are calling it a learning year and looking at the positive!
Thursday night was his last regular season game.
It went into extra innings. S pitched the last inning.
It stresses me out to watch but I know he loves the thrill.
Here they are with their rally caps on.
We have tournaments early next week and baseball is DONE for the season.
Wow we are going to have free evenings?!?!?!

I am excited for the rest of the summer.
This weekend we have 4 BBQ’s to go too!
I don’t know if that is considered slowing down huh???

Have a wonderful summer and take the time to slow down and notice the turtles!


  1. Yay for summer!!!!! Hope it's a fabulous one! :)

  2. 4 BBQs! Haha that is crazy. I don't even talk to that many people. Have fun, but don't forget to enjoy!