Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Career Day

It is that time again. 
Kelsey from Keeping up with Kelsey and I are co-hosting another  link-up.
You probably noticed we skipped our "the good life" link-up last week. 
No great excuse...Wednesday just snuck up on us with Monday being a holiday!

This week’s theme is  CAREER DAY.

Well….right after High school I went to college and graduated with a degree in
Interior Design and minored in Art.
I did design work for a few years and really enjoyed it
but decided to follow my original passion, to be an Art Teacher!
So now I have my teaching license but am not a teacher, YET.
Living in rural Nebraska there is not a lot of demand for art teachers
but I am confident that soon I will have job doing what I love!
For now I am a substitute teacher and I am really enjoying it.
I feel that these years of being a sub are going to make me a much more effective teacher.
I am able to learn/observe/try out a variety of classroom management styles.
One of the perks of being a sub is the extra flexibility,
which is especially nice with 2 young cowgirls not yet in school.
I am enjoying being a sub but the goal is to be a full time teacher in the future.

{I plan to never grow up} Being a teacher allows me to always look forward to
Christmas break, snow days, and SUMMER VACATION!
Since it is summer vacation…..I am currently a stay at home mom.
So now I spend my days watering flowers, working in the garden, cleaning,
laundry, playing with kids, going to the pool, play dates, baseball games,
library visits, cooking, working on projects, chores, and a lot more….
I love summer and being home with my kids!!!! 

Shhhh....I don't get dressed up nice everyday! 
If I have no place to go and I'm just going to be out at the farm all day I look more like this...
I’m looking forward to reading others career day posts. 
Please link up below

Next week’s “the good life” link up theme is…
Where do you blog???


  1. Ahh, I miss the days of summer breaks.. one of the perks of being a teacher, right?! I'm slightly jealous! :)

  2. Wohoo for summer breaks!! I'm also a teacher and I'm enjoying my break right now! Teaching is the perfect job for a Mommy!

  3. I've been considering subbing before starting full time teaching, and you make it sound wonderful!

    P.S.- I so didn't mean to delete my other comment, but I'll sure link up! :) Thanks again for including me!!

  4. Teaching sounds great and also staying home with the kiddos...BUT you know what I like??? The outfits ;)

  5. I love your outfits! Yes both of them, doesn't get better than dressing in comfy clothes most days..and I am considering working for a school district- those snow days and christmas breaks are just too good to pass up!