Friday, June 14, 2013

Last minute Fathers day gifts!!!

I am a procrastinator to a fault!
So today I started to think about Fathers Day gifts!  
Every year I take a photo of the kiddos and we give him that 
but I always like to give him something else too.
So I posted on facebook for ideas and a friend said "do something homemade" so I quickly 
(and I mean quickly) through together a cute fathers day gift with the picture we took today.
(In the front yard as he was mowing the back yard)
Yeah I'm not much for planning!!!!
When I grow up I am going to be so much more organized!  Ha Ha

This is the picture I took.
I wanted a vintage look so I used to edit it to fade it out some.
I then went and grabbed some old wooden shingles.
We have piles laying around that the Hubs attempted to burn and I saved as many as I could!
This year he will thank me :)
I printed out the picture onto normal printer paper, nothing fancy. 
I printed 2 just in case one didn't turn out!
I next tore the paper to fit the shingle.
I flipped the paper over and sprayed with a permanent spray adhesive,
making sure to get the edged good.
I then just pressed it onto the shingle and rubbed the edges down nicely. 
I added some burlap to tie a bow around it.
The last step was to add to hanger.
I simply hot glued it down.
And it's done!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  
I can't wait to give it to him so I can hang it up!

This fathers day will be a good one.  
Some great friends are coming to visit!!!
And We will have a wonderful meal with them!
The 4 year old cowgirl wants to make cupcakes to fathers day also.
It will be a special day.
What are your fathers day plans???