Wednesday, February 12, 2014

cowboy boot redesign

Today I shared a cowboy boot redesign with the lovely ladies over at Housewives of Rural America
Head over and check out how I made these 
old thrift store cowboy boots into fashion forward western booties!
(I give step by step instructions)
Pretty sweet huh????

So now what do you wear with them?
They look adorable with leggings, jeggings, shorts, dresses and skirts.
They add a funky touch with a western flare to any outfit.

I wore them yesterday with jeans.  
Here is the outfit I put together.  
I can't wait to pair them with more fun outfits!!!!
Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@chores_chandeliers) to see other outfits I wear my booties with!

What would you pair these with???


  1. How absolutely adorable! I have been lusting after a pair of "shorty boots" for a long while now! Guess I just need to buck up and make myself some huh?! You did an am amazing job here!! Way to take creativity to the next level! (ps, you knew I would dig these right?!!)
    xoxo, Kacey

  2. Fabulous! Well done. I've never seen cowboy boots for sale in a thrift store here in ireland