Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines for school and daycare

This year for Valentine’s Day the cowgirls are taking Valentines to preschool and Daycare. 
Here is what they are taking. 
I made tents out of regular printer paper and stapled the to snack bags.
We have 3 different ones.
Since they will each be taking some to daycare and my 5 year old is taking some to preschool. 
This is what the tags say…..

We gave a pie to her fabulous teacher!
mmmm...Villiage Pie Maker pies are AMAZING!!!!!
She really is a sweetie pie!!!!

We made red velvet white chocolate chip cookies for her 2 Assistant Teachers.

And lastly their daycare lady! 

We are blessed with amazing teachers and daycare!!!!
I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!!!! 


  1. this is over the top cute! i saw a lot of the pictures before but had to read the post to make sure i didnt miss anything! so creative :)

  2. Great ideas, so cute. The wine one cracked me up!

  3. LOVE! These ideas are all darling. I especially love the wine!