Sunday, November 18, 2012

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

It's that time...Well for me at least it is that time.
Some are waiting till after Thanksgiving.
I AM WAITING till Thanksgiving to put up my tree inside! 
But I am using these nice afternoons to put up my outdoor decorations. 

My house is green with cream shutters. 
I love how my house looks in the summer.  Green grass, flowers,
window boxes, and red rockers out front (till the wind storm took them out)
This time of year the place looks pretty sad. 
It has been crying out for some Christmas décor. 
I of course had to give in and spruce it up!

I love to decorate!
I love seeing the excitement on my children’s faces as the place transforms into a winter wonderland. 
I want them to always look back on the holidays and have fond memories.
I also decorate for myself because I love it and it makes me happy.
There is something magical about Christmas and it allows me to always be a kid.
I had to make sure everything was wired in TIGHT. 
The wind out here is insane.
Floral wire works best. It’s cheap and can be bought anywhere that sells craft supplies.
Hobby Lobby, Walmart, etc
I had some of the decorations on hand. 
But I did pick up a few new things this year…
I picked up the 4 red stars and the 4 small wreaths on the shutters at Dollar tree. 
Dollar tree stuff can be cheap when looking at it up close but it PERFECT for outdoor décor because it’s usually viewed from the road/drive.
The red ribbon was bought the Dollar General, $5 for 70ft.
Between the sun and wind I don’t like to spend much money on my outside décor.
(oh yeah and I have a dog that chews in EVERYTHING...ugg)

Some things to think about when decorating outside….
Try to stick to 1 or 2 colors. 
You get a lot of impact that way. 
Keep it big so it can be seen from the road/drive. 
Keep the small details next to the door. 
Because that where people stop and look (while they wait for you to answer the door).
Cluster your decorations.
If you put up a lot of small decorations all over they get lost.
Clump your decorations into “areas” and they will really pop.
All rules can be broken!!!!
I know I just gave guidelines that I try to stick to, but honestly do what makes you happy! 
That’s why we decorate!
If you have a favorite decoration that you want to put out but it doesn’t fit the rules.
WHO CARE!!!!  Put it up and enjoy it!!!!!!

Rooted In Thyme


  1. Love your decorations; they look great! Also wonderful tips. You have a beautiful family & blog. I'm your newest follower :)


  2. So adorable! Classically Christmas!

    Glad you got a head start on your decor! So fun!



  3. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  4. Your Christmas decorations look beautiful! I love the skates! Too cute. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent!! So thrilled to have you, and your newest follower. I love your blog. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Wow you have such a knack with decorations! I'm just happy when I get my tree up lol I wish I could decorate this well. :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog. You gained a new follower.

  6. I love how you decorated your front door with the ice skates! So creative. Would love for you to share on Simple & Sweet Fridays. New Follower.

  7. Just stopping by to let you know your beautiful Christmas decor is featured at the Bouquet of Talent Party today! :)

  8. Just saw this post and I must say you did a great job in decorating your home for the holiday! I was actually looking for some great Christmas decorations for Pinterest and I think I'll be pinning this. Cheer and greetings to you and your family!