Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The sign is done

The sign is done and being mailed out to the winner of the name the coop contest! 
I hope they love it!!!!
It was so much fun to do.

We did a little brain storming on what they wanted/needed. 
They then sent me back am inspiration picture.
I loved what they sent.
I used the saying but did my own layout. 
I don’t like to ever copy someone’s idea exactly.
I just use it for inspiration.
The artist in me won’t allow me to use someone else’s composition. 
I love doing the layout and figuring out my points of emphasis.
I rummaged through my barn and found some old wood (we used to make the nesting boxes with for the coop).
That dictated the size. 
I did a lot of layers of paint and sanding (with my trusty radial sander).
And this is the final product…..
Here are some detail.
What do you think???
It’s not perfect.  I see flaws in it (especially in the photos).
But that is the point of hand painted one of kind pieces. 
I did not use a cricut, stencils or print out from a computer.  It’s all free hand. 
My spacing is not perfect and at times drives me crazy
 but I am coming to terms with calling it character and moving on! :)
Visit often for my next competition. 
Maybe you could be the lucky winner!!!