Tuesday, October 30, 2012

And the winner is.....

The time has come to pick a name for the coop.
This has been really hard to pick.
There are so many great options! 
Now do I want to go with something catchy and cute?
Something that plays off my last name? First name? Kids names?
Something flashy and glamorous?
Hmmm this is hard!!!!!
The hubs and I went out or lunch today and he helped me pick.   
We got it down to 2.

The Hen Den 
(with a decked out Hen all gussied up in an apron and pearls)
Campbell’s Coop 
(with the Campbell’s soup logo)

Which one would you pick????
We picked both!!! 
Yes both
The coop has 2 doors so one will go by each door.
One will be the official name. As official as any coop name can be :)
While the other will be just a cool sign for the chicken run side.
Which is which?  Good question.
I don't have answer.
Which ever sign I like best?!?!?!
(Oh I love making up my own rules as I go)

I’ll be contact with  the winners, Brad and Shayne, to make a personalized sign.
Wait 2 guys won?????
Who would of thought!

Thank you everyone for participating....and stay tuned for the next competition.
I think it will be naming my radial sander. 
I’ve only began to write this blog and almost every post includes my radial sander. 
 I think he/she needs a name? 
Is a radial sander a boy or girl?  
 Is it like a boat or car where they all get girls names?
The wheels are turning, stay tuned! :)


  1. A radial sander is a girl. She always gets the job done quickly and is useful around the house for all kind of tasks. I think your radial sander might even be able to do the dishes. :)

    I love your projects and the name contest. Congrats to the lucky guys.


    1. Awe yes. Very good points. I think you are right. :)


  2. A radial sander could also be a guy. It's loud, makes things worse before they get better, leaves a mess that someone else has to clean up, and if not changed regularly refuses to work.

    1. LOL.....TRUE!
      Valid argument!

      The debate continues!

      So much to think about!!!! :)

  3. I choose a girl...she has a beautiful way of smoothing things over...guys can't do that can they?

    You could always go with a cross gender name - Pat, Chris, Kelly

    lol - my moms radial sander would always build up static electricity and halfway through sanding something you'd get zapped.