Thursday, October 25, 2012

First real snow of the year

I am a kid at heart.  I never intend to grow up.
 How could I?  I still don’t even know what I’m going to be when I grow up,
other than AWESOME (I crack myself up)!
 OK, OK, I have two college degrees (Interior Design and K-12 Art Ed),
I am a substitute teacher and a mom. 
So I suppose many would say I am in fact a grown up.
 I am OK with the responsibility of being an adult.
 I’ll even take the wrinkles, stress and weight gain (I’m not happy about this one though) 
but I’m not taking the title.  

I’ll always count down to Christmas, birthdays, summer break, opening of the pool, vacations. 
I’ll continue looking forward to the nights I get to stay up late,
snow days, seeing friends, and eating sweets. 

Kids look forward to simple things that adults grown to overlook.  

The first real snow of the year is here!!! 
I remember as a kid always being excited to look out the window
and see the grown covered in snow. 
That has not changed!!! 
This morning I woke the kiddos up to show them
and we went out to enjoy it before preschool.   
I hope I teach my children the importance of the little things in life!
 We need to slow down and enjoy them AS THEY HAPPEN (no matter our age).

There is something about the snow that makes people slow down and enjoy the little things. 
I see all over Facebook that people are enjoying their coffee a bit more today,
 making a warm meal, baking, cuddling up inside with loved ones, or just enjoying the view. 
It’s funny how snow can bring the child out in all of us
(not only the few of us who are digging our heals in and refusing to grow up).  

I saw this sign on the way to preschool today.
 I thought it was very fitting. Speed Limit 5.  Today the speed limit is 5 not 35. 
Today we should all slow down and enjoy the day!!!

...and a big shoutout,
Thank you Lord for the much needed moisture!!!!


  1. Love the reminder to slow down and enjoy it all!

  2. I Love the snow too! It makes me feel like a kid too, wanting to go out and build snowmen, but it would be funny, me out there by myself, a 40 something woman whos children no longer live at home! I just might have to borrow the neighbors kids!!!