Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chest of drawers before and after

I picked up a dresser a couple months ago at a garage sale. 
When I bought it I had no place for it or use for it, 
It was just too good of a deal for me to pass up.
I have a collection of things that I can’t pass up in my basement, barn, and garage.
I think that makes me a hoarder?!?!  I’m a Happy Hoarder. 
Maybe someday I’ll take pictures and give you a peak into my addiction.

 The dresser had been in my garage in all its scratched glory waiting for me to tackle it.
Last week I rearranged my family room (It opens up to the back patio door which we use a lot coming and going to the barns, sheds, chores, etc.) and found the perfect spot for the chest of drawers.
 I decided to use it for gloves, mittens, scarves, hats.
It’s much better than the piles we usually have at each door! 

I had no idea how I wanted to paint it, I originally thought about painting it all black and doing some distressing. 
I was out of black paint and did not feel like making the trip to town.
So I dug through my LARGE collection of paint in the basement. 
I was forced to find a better option.  I painted it a mustard color.
 Then I painted 2 stripes down the drawers. 
One stripe was a taupe color and the other was black chalkboard paint.
 I then took my trusty radial sander and sanded down some of the corners and edges.
 I wanted a high contrast with the distressing so I used a DARK gel stain on a q-tip and dabbed it on the raw wood ( that was sanded down) parts. 
I then wiped off the stain with an old t-shirt. 
I was not particularly worried about keeping the stain off the paint.
Since any extra satin just gave more of a distressed look.   

I love projects like this,  from start to finish it took less then 24 hours!
I am so pleased with how it turned out!  
What do you think? Better then the all black?


  1. I haven't seen one like this at all! LOVE! Much better than black, but I normally saved the black distressed look for pieces with a lot more ornate detailing to bring out. :)