Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Party in a BARN!?!?!

Over the weekend hubs cleaned out the back of the barn 
to make a cute little stall for my daughters Pony, Perry. 
Isn’t this the sweetest picture ever!!!???!?!?!
This is my 4 year old cowgirl and her Perry the Pony…Awwwwwwe

He did a great job and it got me thinking.
I want to have a party in the barn! 
Yep a HOLIDAY party in the barn.   
Good food, cheap drinks, GREAT FRIENDS! 
Decorated with vintage decor, old furniture, chandeliers, JUNK, and Christmas décor.
Christmas Music!!!
I got excited started to day dream.
The Hubs (quickly) reminded me that it was a lot of work and a short time frame.
That still was not enough of a reason for me to not do it!!!
Then he reminded me how busy everyone is this time of year.
Everyone has  company Christmas parties, family get-togethers, 
school programs, basketball games, wrestling meets, dance recitals, band concerts, 
church events and the list goes on and on and ON.
OK I guess he wins **my head hanging low**
Then he adds, “and besides it too cold for me to power wash this time of year.”
WHAT????  **My head perks up**
He is not kidding, that’s the kind of guy he is!!!
When he does things he does them right!
You betcha I’ll gladly put of my barn party till spring if it means 
the INSIDE of the barn will be power washed!

We decided that we will do a big barn party come spring around May-ish.
So it will be our Barn Dance/Spring Fling/Summer kickoff party.
I will still decorate with vintage decor, old furniture, chandeliers, and JUNK 
(just not Christmas décor)
I’m super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my…..my auction and junking addiction just GREW!!!!!!!!
Let the day dreaming begin!

Sound fun to you?
Who wants to come???? 

Look at what he found while cleaning,  SCORE!!!!!
Look at the years on them!!!
I love old JUNK!


  1. That sounds like a party I would go to! I wish my hubby wanted to powerwash something. He's always at work so I never ask. The winter has barely begun and our house already looks like it needs it. We live in the forest literally, and while that is beautiful and serene, it is a lot of up keep! Sounds like you have some fun foraging ahead of you!

  2. This sounds like my kind of party girl! Junk, Barn, Booze! Lol!

  3. Just wanted to thank you for the sweet comment on my blog; you should definitely check some e.l.f. products out if you're interested in a cheap thrill :)
    And I love those license plates you found while cleaning!! I bet there are some great memories behind them.


  4. Those license plates will be awesome. Are you on Pinterest? Also, sorry to be on an animal rights kick today, but I noticed the comment above about e.l.f. products. I used to buy some products from them and then found out they are a huge supporter of Peta. An organization I definitely don't support.

  5. I definitely want to come! Your girl is so cute!

  6. New follower from GFC. Hope you hop over and return the favor.