Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My favorite blog posts {so far}

WE ARE BACK after TWO weeks off!!!
I have missed you all like crazy!
Kelsey and I are excited to do another  “The Good Life” link-up.

This week’s theme is…
Your favorite blog post 
I don’t honestly have a favorite. So I picked 3, each for different reasons. 
I picked this one because it was my first ever post
and it just so happens that it is also my most viewed post. 
It has over a 1,000 more views then the closest viewed post. 
I was shocked to see this.

The second one is actually not one of my top viewed,
but it has been pinned a lot on Pinterest. 
This one is my "Patriotic Pallet" 
It has been pinned over 200 times from the original source.  
That is not counting how many times it has been pinned off of those pins.
I am so flattered!!!!

 And my last was also not a popular post and is not a DIY.
It is just rambling about a song I like, dirt roads, and cattle drives. 
"Dirt Road prayer" is a heartfelt post about a few things I enjoy. 
I simply enjoyed reflecting and writing this post. 

Do you agree these are my top 3?
What would you pick for my top 3 posts? 

Don’t have time today??
That’s no problem the link is open for 6 days!
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use the hashtag #nebraskabloggersconnect 

Next week’s theme will be…. 
Quotable Quotes
{Share some quotes you like, that fit you, or just are plain funny}


  1. Suzi I absolutely love the palette project and we always have a bunch around at work that would work perfect for this project! And I agree about dirt roads - growing up in rural areas I think we all have an appreciation for them. Sometimes I go for a drive to escape and take pretty pictures along those dirt roads!

  2. Honestly Suzi I love all your posts :) You're so crafty and fun! But I definitely have to agree about the Dirt Road Prayer post. I grew up the same way, moving cattle and riding horses and living the farm life. We are still living in the country and I hope the girls have memories like I do of country life and dirt roads. <3

  3. I agree - you do have the cutest coop in town!