Thursday, May 23, 2013

patriotic pallet decor

Lately I have been digging up older projects (pre-blog) and sharing them here.
NOT because I haven't been working of new projects but I haven’t finished them all yet. I am waiting to take photos when the new projects are 100% complete! 
OK, OK, the truth is usually no project is 100% complete around here,
I always have an idea of how to tweak it to make it better.

So….I decided to share a project I did last year around this time.
It was for the  4th of July.
I simply painted a pallet like a flag and added "God bless America"
It was so easy and FREE!
I just used left over paints.
(the same paint I used on my planting station here)
I loved this simple project!!!!
I set it out by the road by simply pounding 2 t-posts into the ground 
and slid the pallet over them.


  1. Suzi you come up with the NEATEST looking decorations! I love this, so cute and so simple! Come to my house please ;)

  2. My favorite kind of project!! So cute and so looks great!

  3. What a fantastic idea!! We have tons of old pallets and my MIL LOVES anything red, white and blue...and her birthday is coming up! Might just have to make this for her!

  4. Super cute! I love the patriotic look you have going on!

  5. LOve it!!! I love the fact that it's a not so perfect pallet!


    1. Hey thanks for linkin this in the DIY Showcase Party!!! I totally pinned it!!