Monday, July 1, 2013

my JUNKY flower garden

I love flowers and JUNK!   
So every spring I enjoy planting my junk all over.
I then spend all summer trying to keep it all alive.
This year I'm doing pretty darn good {so far}
I mainly do container gardening.
Here are some shots of my JUNKY container garden….
You will notice old wooden posts as edging throughout.
We redid all the road side fencing last year so we had a TON of posts that were free so of course that's what I used :)

{out front}

{Out back} 
around our "patio", it is really an old foundation  from an old building
Now isn't this little serving cart adorable? 
 My aunt Nancy (who is super duper creative) gave it to me.  
It is actually an old shopping cart, minus the basket.  
She put the wooden slats on it.  It's PERFECT!!!!!  
I use it to serve drinks, hold sidewalk chalk, or potted plants. 

What do you think?  
Do you have a JUNKY yard/Garden?


  1. I Love it!!! You prolly have a pickers heaven with your farm and all!! I'm always looking for spots to go get "junk" as some people call it. I call those "treasure hunts"!

    Shelly @ Minettesmaze

    1. Oh it was when he first moved her a few years ago. We are working on cleaning it up. But I still have my treasure piles, bins, rooms, barns, sheds, lol. OH HOW I LOVE ALL THE OUT BUILDINGS!!!

  2. This is adorable!! Do you ever notice if planting in the containers gets too "hot" for the flowers? I always wondered if that would be an issue?

    1. YES, if the container is too small it will happen. Or if it is not on the ground it can. Like window boxes, sitting on a chair, on a step, etc. Which I do all of those still but they get a spot in the shade. they just get more air flow so they dry out faster. BUT the maintenance is SOOOOOOO much easier on the containers! and weeding is SIMPLE!!!!

  3. Love it! I love having a bunch of mismatched flower pots for my flowers. The front of the house I make sure they're all matching, but the rest of them around the house are all random in shape, size and color!

    1. I am actually guilty of this around the front door also. I have 2 large matching wooden pots on the front stoop. Which I'll show that next week {hopefully} along with the shutter wreaths, window boxes, and NEW wooden screen door....But the doors is not going in as fast as I would like! ***shocker***

  4. I love it and such a smart way to not have to deal with as many weeds! I hate having a garden around here because the weeds grow 10 times faster and better than the flowers! grrr

  5. oh I love it! I am going to try containers this year for the first time. Do you buy potting soil for all your containers? I am going to do flowers and veggies, since the deer are impossible to keep out of my garden. :/

  6. LOVE IT - puts me in the mood to get my landscaping going for the year!!

  7. I do the same thing, my favorite 'planters' are things that were something else in a former life! LOVE THIS!! :)