Monday, July 15, 2013

diy anchor bag {cara box}

Nautical is very hot this season but living in Nebraska it is hard to find!
Well what is a girl to do???
MAKE ONE....and it is {you guessed it} EASY! 
I started out with a basic simple tote.
I cut out an anchor on ordinary paper.
You can use clip art or freehand to get the anchor image.
Position it on the bag and trace {with a pencil}
Once it is traced you simple grab some paint, brushes and some water.
I used a black craft acrylic. 
No real trick just stay in the lines and if the paint gets to thick add a little water.
Let it dry and YOUR DONE!!!!
{told you it was easy}

So now why did I make this????
{other than it is awesome}
Well, I signed up for a Cara Box
A Cara box is kind of like a Secret Santa with bloggers {and non bloggers} 
You get assigned a partner and you learn about them and what they like.
I had Meredith who blogs over at Mer and America.
It is monthly, and each month there is a new theme. 
{you sign up each month so its up to you if you want tot do it every month}
This months theme was NAUTICAL.
I was excited but then quickly realized that nautical is HARD in NEBRASKA!
Especially to stay in the $15 budget {you can go over}
So I had to get creative.
You are also to include at least 4 items in your Cara Box.

What all did I put in mine?
Anchor bag.  Black and white striped scarf.  Sun glasses,  Pink bracelet.  White fedora
Does it look nautical to you???
OK I know nautical is usually navy and white, or maybe red and white.
BUT Meredith told me her favorite color was pink.
So I made a pink balck and white nautical look for her {Nebraska style}

I'd recommend signing up.  It is so fun!!!!!  I cant wait to see what I get!!!
I did not end up receiving a cara box this month.
My partner decided not to send one out to me.
I was disappointed at first,
but I am now just looking forward to
next month and seeing who I will be paired up with!
I had so much fun picking out a great gift for Meredith 
it out weighs my partner not following through.


  1. This is so so awesome! I love it (and want one for myself)!

  2. This is so so awesome! I love it (and want one for myself)!

  3. love it!! Come see my post where I gave you a shout out! xoxo-Meredith

  4. What a great surprise for Meredith!

  5. This. Is. AWESOME. The craft, the trade, awesome.