Monday, July 29, 2013

mini loft

My cowgirls share a room.   
They had been sleeping in a crib and a twin bed 
but the 4 year old has been begging for bunk beds for quite some time.    
I had been looking but never sold on what to get.
We have very little wall space so most bunk beds would cover up a window.
We also only have one vent in the room and most layouts would cover it up.
Then it hit me!!!!   
I had a loft when I was in college and it was collecting dust in the barn.
It was really tall and perfect for a college kid 
but WAY TO TALL for a 1 {almost 2 year old} and 4 year old's room.
So I got out a tape measure {and the hubs got nervous}
He then offered to do the cutting for me {atta boy} 
Even though he told me it would be way to low and wouldn't work 
he still  cut where I marked.
I wanted it to sit below the window ledge.
It is about waist high on me.
The hubs now sees my vision.  
I am so lucky that he lets me be me and allows me to try out all my crazy ideas.  
It is SO EASY for the cowgirls to get in and out of it. 
They can climb up the end or just jump on the bottom bed.  
I love the height.   
Both girls have fallen off so far {it’s been up for less than 24 hours} 
and neither got hurt {one laughed, one whinned} 
It is the perfect solution for their room and there is so much more space now.  
The 4 year old is happy to have her "bunk bed".
The 1 year old is excited to have a big girl bed.  
{I was a bit sad to see the crib go} 
I was glad to see my 13 year old loft get a new life
{this is the reason I never get rid of stuff}

Want to see more pictures of their room?


  1. Love it Susie! I have the exact same problem! I just moved Lauren (1) in with Blake (3) to make room for the new baby on the way, and he was insisting on bunk beds which are way too high! Too bad I don't have a "vision" like you. We had to settle with twin and toddler beds...and a lot less floor space. Awesome room!

    1. This is Angie Connot by the way! Love your blog! :)

  2. That's a great idea! And the girls are so so cute:)

  3. Adorable room, happy girls! Very sweet.

  4. That's a great idea! The kids look happy too! Yep, hubby gets nervous and follows me around when I get out "tools" LOL!

  5. That room and your girls are SOOOO stinking adorable! :)

  6. First off- I love your little cowgirls! Second- can you please come help me with my girls's room?! I loooove the idea of a shorter bunk bed... seriously how clever for younger kids!