Monday, July 8, 2013

be true to yourself...BE YOU

I think we all struggle with being ourselves at times.
We need to be true to ourselves. Be ourselves. Be brave! 
At times it takes bravery to be ourselves.
The world today seems to want us all to be formed into a similar mold.
I say wear what you want to wear, dance when you want to dance, 
laugh when you want to laugh, be who you want to be.

Surround yourself with people who allow you to be you!
Options are good but don’t let others opinions weigh too heavily on you.
{and don’t force your opinions on others}
Don’t waist too much time around people who think they know how you should be.

Everyone is different, and I personally love that!
I admire those who stand up for what they believe 
{even when it differs from my beliefs}
I find it very refreshing when I see people who are not afraid to be themselves.
I don’t mean the people who act a bit off just for the attention. 
But the people who are carefree and are true to themselves. 
They are not trying to be who others think they should be.
They are true to their own personal beliefs. 

The ones who wear what they love and not worried if it is what’s currently in style.
The ones who speak of the Lord without the fear of others judging them.
The ones who are proud to drive a less expensive car than their neighbors.
The ones who are proud to be working moms in a sea of stay at home moms. 

In my bathroom I have a sign that says
“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself”
I love it.  I think it is so true.
We can be anything in the world. 
But you can’t be anything great till you are true to yourself!

I found this video online and I am obsessed with it.
It is all about being brave enough to be you!
You have to watch it...It will make you smile {promise}
I want to see you be brave!
I want to see you be you!


  1. So true!!!! :) Sometimes I need to thank you! :)

  2. Yep I was so right!! I love this and needed the reminder!! Life can be so tough and I don't want to be anyone but me! Thank you so much for this post this week!


  3. Good post, friend! And - our red hair is GORGEOUS!!!!!! :D