Thursday, January 3, 2013


I never use to set New Years Resolutions.
I just never thought it was practical.
No one ever seems to stick to New Years Resolutions anyway.

So, Last year I sat down and wrote out goals for 2012.
Calling them goals seemed to have less pressure.
Something to work towards but without the pass/fail mentality.
I put them in an envelope.
About ½ way through the year I looked at them
and evaluated how I was doing on our goals.
By the end of the year….
I met some, worked towards some,
and some I did not even come close to meeting.
This year I did the same thing.
But this year, I’m going to share them with you all also
(to hold me accountable)

My goals for 2013 are…
Get healthier
·         I’m not going to set a number because my real goal is to be healthy
More quality time with the kiddos
·         Get out and enjoy the things they are interested in. 
More date nights with the husband
·         This is one we set last year that we didn’t quite meet :)
Create more
·         Paint, build, sculpt, draw, design MORE.
Make time for friends
·         New friends, old friends and meet more friends.
Be who god wants me to be!!!!
·         Be the women, wife, mother, and friends that I should be.
·         Make God visible in my household and family.


  1. Awesome goals list! I call mine goals too :)

    Good luck!

  2. I think calling them goals is the way to go, makes it seem so much easier for some reason! Best of Luck, these are all great ones!

  3. Those are all great ones! Date nights are a must and so hard to do with kids, but really change the dymanic with hubby helps him help you later so you can create masterpieces, etc. So, start there!

  4. Good goals, i agree 110 percent with being healthy versus a number on a scale, when you develop healthy habits those are much more likely to be sustained

  5. Those are a great set of goals!!! I also prefer that term instead of "resolution." I love your thoughts on being "healty" I agree completely!!!!!