Sunday, January 6, 2013

Family Pictures / Hallway display

We have taken a family picture every year since we have been married. 
I always use the picture on our Christmas card.
And then this year I decided to put up a display down our dark narrow hall.
I first painted white stripes down the hall
Then I found a mismatch of frames in the basement
and spray painted them all black
(the pictures and frames are all different sizes and I think it adds more interest this way)
And went down town to the sign shop
and had them cut out years 2005-2012 in black vinyl
(I now have my own cricut to cut them out myself)
I them hung them.
I put a small amount of sticky tack on all 4 corners of the frames
to keep them from shifting at all and getting crooked.

Here are our pictures through the years.
I set up our photo every year and have someone 
(usually my little brother) take the picture.

How often do you take family pictures?
What do you do with your family pictures?


  1. awesome idea... i love it Suzi....

    1. this is shannon.. Sorry..

    2. This is so unique. What's your plans when you run out of wall.

  2. These are some lovely photos of your family and I love how you displayed them on your wall. You really do get to see how people change as time goes by. I wish I took more family photos and hope to at last get one with the family together soon.
    I am following you now and would love for you to follow along.

  3. Beautiful family! This is a great idea, I am getting overwhelmed with the number of pics we have of our baby boy and am starting to feel like the frames on our walls are getting a little out of control

  4. I LOVE your photo wall!!! what a great idea =)

  5. This is an amazing idea! Did you get married in 2005? That is the year we got married, June 24th, 2005 to be exact (a Friday)! We just started the family picture thing recently though :(