Saturday, January 5, 2013

Coop upgrades

We are really enjoying having Chickens.
But as time goes by we are making adjustments to the coop.
First, we had to add more roosts for the chickens.
We originally just had a ladder and it worked great
for our little white bantams.
But when we added our red hens to the mix it didn’t work as well.
Not because there was not enough room
but because they choose to be segregated!
So we added some poles across the width of the coop.
They are actually composite deck spindles.
The hubs first built two like this.
Then screwed them into the wall.
They seem to like it already!
Our next project was a chicken feeder.
We had a typical feeder.
And our ladies always tip the feeder out and eat off the floor.
The old feeder was always filled with straw and poop…YUCK
So I went to town and picked up a 3 pack of desk organizers for $3.00
I simply screwed them into the wall.
I wanted them up off the ground to prevent the chickens from pooping in them.
Also since the nesting boxes are located over the feeders
I don’t have to worry about them roosting over them.
The ladies found them right away and started to eat.
Also in this picture you can see that the water is up on blocks.
This has solved the problem of dirty chicken water!
We did this a couple weeks ago
Should have done it sooner!!!

Here is the link to the original coop post!


  1. What a great idea! We've hung ours from rafters to lift them, but It sometimes doesn't help. I might have to try your idea!

  2. very cool! jealou of all the delicious eggs you must have!