Monday, January 28, 2013

My Cowgirl's Valentine Cards

 Yesterday I snapped a few pictures of the cowgirls.
I then used Picmonkey last night (the free version, I’m too cheap to pay)
to make some Valentine's Day Cards for the cowgirls.
I am going to include a squeezable juice drink with them.
Something like this

I love how they turned out!!!
I may be a little bias tho :)

Both cowgirls go to the same daycare and my 4 year old goes to preschool. 
Even though they both don’t go to preschool
I am still sending the same Valentine with both of their pictures on them.
That’s ok right???

The hubs laughs at me because I LOVE HOLIDAYS!  All holidays!
And I may go a bit overboard at times.
But the kids are only young for such a short period 
I want to enjoy the holidays with them.
He jokes that I even get excited for Presidents Day :)

Here is their card from last year!


  1. Cute idea Suzi! You are so creative. Love looking at your ideas and of course stealing a few now and then. Your dad is so proud of you. Asks me all the time if I have seen your blog. He is always telling us to call you for ideas or if we need help trying to decorate something. Just the other day he asked me what I thought of the barn. He says you have "crazy" ideas, imagine that! Oh and he told us to stop at your house anytime and look at all the neat things you have done:) Keep posting, love it!

    1. Thanks Patti,
      I really am having fun with the blog.
      Oh I can about hear dad! :)

    2. And his invite stands! :)
      Anytime your are around you are always welcome to stop by!

  2. That's so cute! And don't feel guilty about going overboard on holidays. Hubbies act like they don't like it, but deep down they appreciate it (or at least that's what I like to tell myself).

    1. Agree.

      He always tells me I go overboard at Christmas. And one year I said I wasn't going to decorate because I was too busy and had already put up 5 trees for others. He was crushed. So I put the tree up and then he, when does the rest go up??? :)

      Yes they like it! :)

  3. Your little cowgirls are adorable!! :-)

  4. They are just too cute!!! Love these cards :) I too am a fan of every holiday...I think Valentine's may be one of my favorites! :)


  5. You have the prettiest little ladies! They are so lucky to have such a creative mama!!