Sunday, January 20, 2013

Decorate 3 areas with less than $6

I am not the kind of person who decorates my home once and than just lives with it.  
I feel that your home should always be evolving, just like you.
You are not the same person who moved into your home 2 years ago.
You change and you home would reflect that!
That being said...I don't have the budget to redo my home often.  
So I often redecorate or refresh my home with what I have.

Just because that clock has ALWAYS been in your kitchen 
does not mean it can't now be in your living room!!

Here are my 3 areas I RE did.
Behind the door, next to the window and in the hallway.
So I took down the lattice display and separated it.
I moved the old wood, hinge, wire, & rope and hung them next to the window.
I then took the lattice, picture, & wreaths (from next to the window) and hung them in the hall.
Now I needed to come up with something for behind the door.
I had an old door in the garage.
I made the door into a coat rack with a shelf.
And I had it all on hand (most already on my walls).
All I needed to buy was the wooden pegs.
The pegs come in sets of 2 and are less them 2 dollars a set.

Check back later this week,
I’ll be posting step by step directions of how I made my door.


  1. That bench is beautiful! Everything looks great, I envy those of you who can do this.

    1. Thank you my husband made the bench a few years back.

  2. So clever! I don't really have things lying around I could use to decorate. I do rearrange furniture a lot, but then go back because I realize I put it there like that for a reason. haha, I would like to do something clever to hang our coats though...hmmm

  3. Everything looks great! You did a fantastic job on $6. I love the door and the bench!! Can't wait to see that post. Thanks so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent!! Happy Friday and have a wonderful, creative weekend. :)