Friday, December 27, 2013

I have always been a creative person

I have always been a creative person.  I often lovingly remind the Hubs.....
"this is what you signed up for, you knew what you were getting when you married me"
When I came across this saying today I thought it 100% fit!
Being creative is incredibly fun and gratifying but also can be a bit overwhelming for others.  I am hard to carry a conversation with because I think of something and I jump topics then remember what I was saying and jump back (maybe an hour or so later).  I am a free spirit who loves to try new things.  This is one of the things that the Hubs loves most about me AND DRIVES HIM CRAZY!!!!  Not that I blame him.  At times I have to be a blast and other times I cause stress because I didn't always think things through before I begin or I didn't plan my time the best.  I get wild ideas while sitting on the couch in the evening next to him,  he is ready to head to bed while I am coming up with ideas for a new project.  

For instance When I painted our entry....
I was getting new carpet for our living room the following week so I was peaking under our old carpet.  We never had an entry so when I pulled up the carpet and found we had a few feet of GROSS wood floor in front of the door my mid started spinning with ideas.  So the next day while the Hubs was at work I painted the floor. You can read more about the floor here

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and gearing up for a FABULOUS New Year!!!
Are you setting New Years Resolutions/Goals?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Cutest Christmas Coop in Town

I know I have been slacking at blogging lately.  
To be honest I have not been that busy.  I have just been enjoying my family.  
It has been nice to just slow down and enjoy.  
It also does not help that I dropped and broke my phone while decorating outside for Christmas.
The hubs was not impressed, he does not understand the importance of taking pictures for Instagram.
But I now am an iPhone user!
I’ve been doing projects so I have a bunch to blog about I just need to set down and do it.  Which I WILL

But it has been brought to my attention that posted on my Facebook page 
about putting Christmas lights on my chicken coop but I had not posted any pictures yet 
{if you're not following me on Fabebook yet click here too, 
and also follow me on Instagram @chores_chandeliers}.  
So I headed out and snapped a picture.....

It’s pretty darn cute huh?   
Yes my coop also has stockings, a wreath, candy garland,bows, tulle, AND a lighted snowman.
Doesn't yours???
It makes me happy and to be honest the ladies of the coop must love it too.   
They have been thanking us with a mass production of eggs lately. 

You can see other pictures of the coop HERE

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

rusty tin and turquoise cross ornament

I am super excited to share my rusty tin and turquoise cross ornaments with you!!! 
A fellow blogger and friend of mine is doing a 'Handmade Cowgirl Country Christmas Tree".   

My PhotoThis is Kacey and she blogs over at Fancy Ewe.  You need to head over and check out all the amazing ornaments she has already made for her tree!  She is super creative {and fashionable} so I was very flattered when she asked me to do an ornament for her tree.  I was SOOOO EXCITED!!!!  My mind started spinning!  I decided on using some old tin that is out in the Barn. It was an easy project.  It only needed tin, some beads (that I kept aft a necklace broke), and some tin shearers.  Last year for Christmas the hubs gave me a DeWalt drill and tin shearer attachment.  I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!!  Really I was.  I am pretty practical when it comes to gift giving!!! Never heard of a tin shearer?  Here is what it looks like!  You could use tin snips and cut by hand to do this project but this saves a ton of time!!!!
I have used it to make wedding shower decorations (you can see here), 
 stars for my mantel (you can see here), and other various projects.  
I decided to do different shapes and sizes of rusty tin crosses.  
I am trying hard to keep the reason in the season.  
So why not fill my tree with crosses?!?!?

Making the crosses were easy.  Here is my step by step picture tutorial. 

Here is my entire tree.....
  • The tree topper is left over flowers, stick, and a burlap bow.
  • I found the big cross propped up in the tree at Hobby Lobby.
  • Aluminum horseshoes.
  • Turquoise bulbs.
  • Silver bulbs.
  • Silver snowflakes.
  • White lights.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday Traditions

We are flexible with family holidays and traditions {changing every year}.  
Whenever we can get together we celebrate.  
BUT one tradition holds true....Christmas pictures on Thanksgiving!!!
Every year on Thanksgiving I make my younger brother take my families pictures for our Christmas card.
{I set it up, hand him my camera, and he snaps away}
This year was no exception. 
It was cold {like REALLY COLD!!!!!} so we didn't go far,  
we just walked across the road from parents to an old shed and snapped a few quick shots.

You can see in some of the expressions that they are COLD.
Everyone was a trooper though and no complaining {but we kept it short and ran in for coco and cider}

Now which picture goes on the Christmas card?
Well I couldn't pick just one, So this is what I chose.

What do you think?  Good choices for the card???