Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Cutest Christmas Coop in Town

I know I have been slacking at blogging lately.  
To be honest I have not been that busy.  I have just been enjoying my family.  
It has been nice to just slow down and enjoy.  
It also does not help that I dropped and broke my phone while decorating outside for Christmas.
The hubs was not impressed, he does not understand the importance of taking pictures for Instagram.
But I now am an iPhone user!
I’ve been doing projects so I have a bunch to blog about I just need to set down and do it.  Which I WILL

But it has been brought to my attention that posted on my Facebook page 
about putting Christmas lights on my chicken coop but I had not posted any pictures yet 
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and also follow me on Instagram @chores_chandeliers}.  
So I headed out and snapped a picture.....

It’s pretty darn cute huh?   
Yes my coop also has stockings, a wreath, candy garland,bows, tulle, AND a lighted snowman.
Doesn't yours???
It makes me happy and to be honest the ladies of the coop must love it too.   
They have been thanking us with a mass production of eggs lately. 

You can see other pictures of the coop HERE

Merry Christmas


  1. Too fun! I think every chicken coop should look this way at Christmas!

  2. That is the cutest lil coop I ever did see. Love it