Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bridal Shower Decor {rustic style}

Last week I posted pictures of my brothers and his soon to be bride’s engagement pictures.
I had the honor of helping host a bridal shower.
I received the job of decorating.
YAY!  I love that job.
But I am a procrastinator.
So the week of the shower I started to think about how to decorate. 
I live in rural Nebraska.
The closest Walmart or Hobby lobby is over an hour away. 
I decided to search my house. 
Remember I throw nothing away, so grabbed…..
glass jars
tin cans
coffee beans
tapper candles
matchstick placemats
old tin
engagements photos.

This is what I came up with for table decorations.
(they were centers on round tables)
I used my tin shearers that the hubs bought me for Christmas
to cut the tin into “L” and HEART shapes.
I used tin hearts as a “coaster” for some of the votive candles.
Filled jars with coffee beans to hold tapper candles.
Slipped the photos into the jars the same way I did HERE.

My sister had picked up the green table covers and the green balls on the tables.
She also grabbed a bouquet of daisies for me.
Thanks Sis!

I was pleased with how it all turned out.
It was a hit,  and who doesn’t like photos!


  1. This turned out gorgeous and someday (soon?!?!) when I plan my wedding this is the exact theme/idea I'm going for! LOVE IT!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the upside down jars with the pictures! That is too cute!

  3. So cute, and from just stuff you had around the house! Awesome!