Monday, March 25, 2013

my cowgirls in MY wedding dress

I love photos (especially of my kiddos).
I decided to take pictures of the girls wearing my wedding dress.
Why???  Well…..
1.       IT’S CUTE!!!
2.       It would be so cute to use the pictures on a bridal shower invite.
3.       How fun would it be to have the picture blown up at their wedding.
4.       It was FUN and the girls loved it (especially my 4 year old cowgirl).
5.       I loved it and I can’t wait to hang these pictures next to my wedding photo!

(This Idea could be really neat with a grandmother or great grandmother’s dress also)
Here is me in the dress in 2005....8 years in August

What do you think of this idea???  
The hubs thought I was crazy at first,
but that is pretty normal around here! :)


  1. Loved it! I actually saw a picture on Pinterest of it so it's already on my list of to-do's for when I do have actual children and not just made-up-on-pinterest-children. I think they look adorbs!

  2. It is SOOO cute! I've actually thought of selling my dress, but this kinda makes me want to keep it, just for this purpose! (I'm obviously not a very sentimental person, lol).

  3. I think it is fabulous this makes me smile it is such an adorable post. B

  4. This is very cute! I bet they had a blast, every little girl's dream to dress up in her mama's dress I'm sure :)

  5. This is such a cute idea! I can only imagine how much fun they had :D Such pretty pictures!
    Stopping by from Horseshoes & Pearls!

  6. This is adorable. What fun to be able to dress in mama's wedding dress and have pics to boot (they are cowgirls). Both the girls are beautiful and have such lovely smiles.
    This 72 yr old granny wishes she could have done this but alas, I had five grandsons (all perfect you know).
    You have started a practice that I hope spreads. It is such a waste for such a token of love and happiness to be packed away in the dark. Kudos!
    I am a new follower, I want to see what you and girls are up to next.

  7. Such a good idea!!! Great photos!!!

  8. Baby girls are looking very lovely in this bridal dress.
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  9. Adorable!! My grandparents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in January and my Grandma wanted us granddaughters to try on her wedding dress. I guess that's what you do on 50th wedding anniversaries?

  10. Such a cute idea! I will definitely be stealing if I have any girls!! :)

  11. It looks like we have yet a other thing in common! We also got married summer 2005, although it was June rather than August. :)