Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My bathroom

Bathrooms are (usually) small and fairly cheap to decorate.
(I said decorate NOT remodel, remodeling a bathroom is NOT CHEAP!)
A little goes a long way so in a bath!!!
AND it comes together quickly.
I AM NOT PATIENT person…so I really like quick instant gratification projects!
Here is a peek into my bathroom.
(It is not a new project, but it is one of my favorite rooms I the house)

I found this old ladder on top of a shed at my grandparents!
It is perfect to hold towels.
We had this large boring mirror (across from the vanity) when we moved in. 
I hate it at first but then realized how practical it was. 
It is so handy to have so I left it and tried to “spruce it up”.
It looks better now. 
I really wanted to put a frame around it but the outlet is RIGHT BELOW IT!
The candle holder is just made with 2 pieces of wood screwed together! 
Above the toilet I hung a shelf (that I painted white).
Filled it with some old mason jars, vases, towels, and pictures.
I then attached a towel holder to an old window.
This window is perfect because it has old latches that work perfect for washcloths. 
I hung a rusty metal star (off centered) over the window.
And the bathroom is done for now.
Quick, easy, and cheap.
My next project is to change out the UGLY light fixture….


  1. Fun! I love the window idea. I found about 6 of them in an old garage on our farm a couple months ago, so I might just have to do this!

    Our bathroom will be the last room in the house to re-do. I'm thinking paint, refinishing the vanity, and yes, a new light fixture. Ours looks exactly like yours! It's hideous!

  2. I love love love your bathroom!! Wanna come re-decorate my house? LOL The old ladder idea is fantastic. We have several laying around the farm in old barns... I just might have to snatch one up and see what I can do!

    xo, Ashley

  3. Great job, love the old window and ladder. You have a nice collection over the jon.
    Have a great day! ginger