Sunday, September 8, 2013

the official unofficial Saturday dress code (in Nebraska)

I have been MIA lately.  
I have been busy subbing, decorating, cleaning, and being a momma.
But I have been so busy I now have a lot of projects to post about SOON!!!

IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON and last night the Huskers put on a great show!
So today I a going to post some of my favorite Nebraska Corn Husker items.
(I am also going to include all the links, I hate trying to follow the non-links on Pinterest, so disappointing)

LOVE the hand painted Custom Toms!!!

A game day dress with a pair of cowboy would be perfect (and comfy) for a fun backyard BBQ!

 It is no secret I LOVE HATS!!!!  Here are 2 that I really like!
I already have this one :)

I think I need this scarf!!!!

This necklace is so versatile.  
Not only game day appropriate.

You can never have too many Husker T-shirts.
Considering it is the official unofficial Saturday dress code!!!

And don't forget to represent on your front door!

Have a great week!
I promise to post soon about some of my recent projects!!!


  1. Greetings from Ireland.....never heard of the Nebraska Huskers before but I do like all your team support wear!!! The wreath for the door is adorable

  2. I want it all!! Especially the freakin hat! It's too cute!