Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1 day flash sale on amazing photos...by a true artist!!!

It is that time of year again.  
The time when you start thinking about family photos & Christmas cards.   
Well just in time a friend of mine is offering an amazing special.   
It is a flash sale in honor of her 33 birthday. 
{a $33 dollar special for her 33rd, catchy huh}
It is a funny story how we met.   
We actually switched home towns (she lives in mine and I now live in hers) 
and through small town chatter we soon heard about each other.   
Then through the help of social media we connected 
and now I feel lucky enough to call her a friend.  
She is an amazing photographer NO I take that back, she is an amazing artist.  
The term photographer is used loosely now days.  
She is a true master of her craft.   
Her photos are each a piece of art.   
She takes into consideration composition, subject, light, etc into each frame.  
The artist in me LOVES this about her photos.   
I enjoy looking at each and every one of her shots.   
She also connects with her clients on a personal level 
and is able to catch images that truly represent who they are!!!!!  
If you want some fabulous photos of yourself or your family 
and live in North Central Nebraska or Central Nerbaska Now is your chance!!!!
TODAY ONLY Katrina Lee Photography is offering a 33 minute session for only $33.

Head over to her blog by clicking HERE and check out the details.
While you are there check out some of her amazing work!!!!
Be sure to follow her on her BLOG and on Facebook you wont be disappointed!


  1. Oh my goodness, Suzi, this is just the sweetest thing ever. Seriously. You have me in tears over here! Thank you!

  2. Hey Suzi! Loving your blog already; can't wait to hear how you're doing with the DietBet!