Wednesday, May 20, 2015

end of year teacher gift

Today was my daughters last day of Kindergarten.  

She had a fabulous teacher and about a week ago she came home requesting to make her teacher a gift for the end of the year.  Well LAST NIGHT we finally did it. {I am the worlds worst procrastinator!}  Last year we made a sign for her preschool teacher’s lake house so this year she wanted to make another sign.  In pink of course because that is her teachers favorite color!!!! 

I just cut up a piece of wood flooring to size and let her paint it {pink}. Of course the little one wanted to make a sign too.  So she made one for her daycare lady {in red}.  I was shocked at how well Rae{3 year old} painted.  I love letting the girls actually do the projects.  I can clean them up later if needed but they love to do them and they are so proud to give a gift they made themselves.

Since I am an art teacher people ask me often if my girls are talented artists.  I am always honest and say, “They do well, BUT most of it is due to exposure not natural talent at this age”.   Here is a short video where you can see my 3 year old and 6 year old paint names on the boards. 

We finished them with some dots, a light sanding with my radial sander, and I cut up a bandanna to tie it up with.

The girls were super excited to deliver them this morning.

Thank you to all  teachers out there and have a great summer!!!

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