Thursday, June 11, 2015

Negativity and the power of positive thinking

I had to share this video with you today.  I LOVE IT!!!!  
Why do 'negatives' weigh so much more then 'positives'?

A message from my heart today. For those of you feeling down...listen up.
Posted by Chad Prather on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I was once told that 1 negative weighs as much as 3 positive.
I try to always remember that in school.  
If I give a negative comment to a student I follow up with 3 positive.  
I also try remember this with my children. 
I never want to leave anyone feeling defeated!
I am not trying to sound like I am perfect (because I am FAR FROM IT!!!), but I was lucky enough to have some pretty amazing people around me who taught me some important lessons.

My challenge to you is to BE POSITIVE, 
control you negative thoughts and actions and see how it effects others around you. 
Negativity is contagious….BUT SO IS POSITIVITY!!!!

~ Suzi


  1. What do you know, my entire blog is focused on living a positive life. I fully agree with how powerful a negative thought can be which is why it's so important to flood your mind and your thoughts with positive focused ideas. My vlog today was all about the daily happy, lol. Love it!

  2. It can be really hard to stay positive, but I completely agree that negativity is way too powerful of a force. It literally eats you alive and devours any happiness, which is why it's so important to create more positivity in the world!

  3. True! It's hard to remember always but especially when dealing with kids it's so important not to bring negativity in your life! Need to remind myself all the time :)