Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Juice Plus+

I’ve wanted to share this post for quite some time! But as usual I just never had enough time to do it justice.  Well the truth is I still don’t but I just have to share!!!!

A few months ago I was asked by a coworker to try Juice Plus.  I agreed.  I had no idea what I was so I googled it and tried to find out that it did not work, was just another fad, etc.  I COULD NOT FIND THAT INFO!  What I did find was SOOOO MUCH RESEARCH!!!  It is backed by a ton of doctors and it shows so many health benefits.  The benefits are far ranging with positive effects on internal organs, skin, eyes, gums, nails, etc. 

What is juice plus???  Well it is all the fruits and vegetables you need in a day (that most of us are not getting) in either a capsule or chewable form. It is all natural!!!!!  I had no idea most vitamins have no research behind them so you really have no idea if those “vitamins” are even effective!  Juice Plus also has shakes and bars too. 

One of the reasons I was willing to try this out was because of the “Children’s Health Study”.  Each adult is able to sponsor a child for FREE for 4 years!!!!!  This just means that if you order the vitamins for yourself you can get one of your child’s vitamins for FREE!  AND MY PICKY KIDS LOOOOVE THEM!  If you know my kids you would know what a huge deal this is.  My kids DO NOT eat a well rounded diet and knowing they get a day’s worth of fruits and vegetables in YUMMY gummies really gives me peace of mind!!!!

I feel like I am not doing it justice because it truly is amazing!  But I will give you few examples of why I love Juice Plus so much!

  • My girl’s nails are amazing now.  They always had peeling nails.
  • Our hair is growing faster!
  • My skin looks great!  (this is a big deal for me I normally have horrible skin with a ton of breakouts.)
  • My girls HARDLY GET SICK! (if they do they kick it QUICK)
  • I FEEL GREAT!!!!

It is not a weight loss pill!  BUT it does help get you healthier and a side effect of good heath is a healthy weight.  Honestly I would love to be smoking hot but more than anything want to be healthy and live a long active life with my family!!!!

Last week I signed up as a distributor!!!!!  I am not selling this to get rich but I do want to help spread the word about Juice Plus and all it has to offer.  With that being said I would love to get you more information if you are at all interested!!!  Like I said I am not trying to get rich so if you know someone else who sells it and hearing how amazing I think it is helps talk you into purchasing from them I succeeded.  I really just want to spread the word about Juice Plus and overall health. 

Have a great week!


  1. Good luck with the new business venture! This would be a great idea for those not getting in enough fruit and veg - especially for picky kids!

  2. I used to do Juice+ in high school and felt so much better! I was actually thinking about it the other day and was wondering if it was still even around as I hadn't heard anything about it recently. Glad to know it is available and where to get some more! Thanks!

  3. Love the idea of drinking veggies and fruit. Perfect for picky eaters